Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 Years Old!

I still can't believe it. Lauren is 3 years old today! She's not a baby anymore. But a little girl. One who is praying for "her babies" to be born today. Don't tell her, but they're happy inside their mama's tummy. I'm hoping they come soon, but I really don't think my 3 kids are all going to share the same birthday.

But my little girl, she looks and acts so big now. I love how she packs her little dance bag every night before bed. The way she scrunches up her face when she prays. Lauren makes bedtime prayers last at least 30 minutes, that's how much love she has to give. And all she has been able to talk about for the last month is "her babies." Lauren is so big, that she likes to help me fold laundry now. And honestly, my favorite time of the day, is the morning. When Billy leaves for work, Lauren snuggles her way into our bed. Snuggling with my tummy. Rubbing little circles over her brother and sister. I haven't to admit it, I lay in bed for an extra hour just to get her love.

My little girl is the most lovable girl I know! Those big green eyes make me smile every single day. And her love of lipgloss, well she might have gotten that from me. I just feel so very lucky to have this beautiful girl. I love hearing her call me mama. These 3 years, they've just flown by! I can still remember holding this precious pink baby in my arms. Just seconds old. And knowing in that instant, she had my heart!

When Billy and I asked Lauren what she wanted for her birthday, she told us all she wanted was "her babies." When we asked what else, she wanted some dolls. My girls is easy peasy to please! But being 9 months pregnant with twins, well it hasn't allowed for me to do much. Daddy went shopping. And he wrapped all the presents last night. I have no clue what we got Lauren. Except for a few things that I ordered from Etsy. Billy even took care of the cake! And her birthday party this weekend, we're just praying it happens. :)

Today, we're just going to enjoy Lauren at home. We're having a special day of cooking by Billy. He's such a good daddy! And tonight, we'll have cake and ice cream. I'm so excited to spend the day with my Big Girl!


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