Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day with My Girl

Lauren's dance studio is closed today and tomorrow. They are putting in new floors. So I thought we would have a special day together. Billy is working with the guys on some kind of project at J's. Honestly, I think they are just enjoying some Guy Time. Because they are all finally in the same place at the same time.

We started the day in bed. Lauren got up around 7AM. Because I had slept in, she found me still in bed. We lay in bed together. I enjoy cuddling with her like that. We talked about fairy tales, dolls, and dancing. Then we got up and started getting ready. Billy had left at 4AM. They were going to break some horses. Then the guys were delivery some cattle. And he is supposed to be gone until 10PM. It was just me and Miss Lauren for the day.

Lauren sat in a chair next to me as I did my hair and makeup. Waiting for her lipgloss and the bow in her hair. She really likes to put makeup on. Billy might want to start worrying since now. We got dressed up. Lauren had her favorite sundress on, and I had my new dress on. We went to IHOP for breakfast. We shared nutella crepes. One of our favorites! Lauren was over the moon because she got to eat chocolate for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to the museum. It is nothing to get overly excited about. It is in the mall. Next to JCPennys. And it is the size of a WetSeal store. But Lauren was excited to see the dinos. We took lots of pictures to show daddy. We made dino tracks in the sand. And bought some dinos to take home. Even Mr. Duck enjoyed the dinos.

Then we went shopping. We can't go to the mall and not go to Claire's. Since I was little, I have always gone to Claire's when I was at the mall. I still can't believe I spent $80 on hair ties and plastic jewelry for Lauren. But I did. She came out of the store very proud of her new purse. The little chapsticks inside. She was also draped in 3 new necklaces.

Barnes and Noble is right across from Claire's. So we went. I bought the new George Strait CD and a new book. And Lauren got some new books. We sat in one of the chairs reading 3 books. Lauren gets so excited to read. And to tell you the truth, we were in need of some new bedtime books. We bought 10! And we bought 2 big chocolate chip cookies for later.

Before leaving the mall, we went to Trade Secret. It is one of my favorite stores. I wanted to look at some OPI nail polish. And some Burt's Bees products. Lauren was excited to help me pick out some nail polish. We bought a few. Lauren picked out 2 pink and 2 purple. And we bought her some new bubble bath. The cashier even gave her some bright hair elastics.

We left the mall and went to Hobby Lobby. I let Lauren pick out some fabric. Lola said she would make Lauren curtains for her Playhouse. After thoroughly looking through all of the fabric, Lauren was debating between 2. She decided on some pink check material, that has Raggedy Ann and Andy on it. I got more than enough. Because Lola is also making her an apron, oven mitts, and a table cloth!

While looking around, we found the clearance section. And there was a little pink table and chair set. It is a miniature bistro set. Just Lauren's size. For $25! She sat in one chair and put Mr. Duck in the other. I couldn't resist. Lauren got the set. I also bought some ribbon and small barrettes. Lola is going to show me how to make those cute hair ribbons for Lauren. Lauren also got a doll kit to make her own rag doll. Everything was in there, and it was only $8.

I asked Lauren where she wanted to have lunch. All she had to say, was that she wanted to eat at the park. We bought some toasted subs from Dion's and headed to the park. We found the perfect tree to sit under and had a picnic. We ate and watched the birds. Lauren and I ran up and down the small hills. Eventually, she clonked out on our blanket. And I sat and read some of my book. I didn't want to wake her. And I couldn't resist Miss Lauren sleeping on top of me, holding Mr. Duck.

When she woke up, it was starting to get hot. I decided to go to Target before we headed home. We needed some things like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. At Target, we bought some coloring books and crayons. And 2 My Little Ponies. Lauren was just too excited. I don't regularly spend this kind of money on her. We are able to, but I don't want her to be spoiled. Today was just a special day.

At home, we spent time coloring. Lauren made her daddy a card. And we colored pictures to send to T-Lo. Late in the afternoon, we sat and I painted Lauren's nails with our new nail polish. And we read 2 of her new books. Lauren and I also made dinner. I put her apron on her, and she helped me. We made chicken, mac-n-cheese, and a salad. Lauren helped to wash the veggies and put them in the bowl. She also put the napkins on the table.

After dinner, Lauren and I went outside to play. It was finally cooling down. Lauren and I played in her Little Pink Playhouse. We put up her new table and chairs outside the house. Next to her new flowers. She is so excited to play outside. She made me dinner, washed clothes, and cleaned her house. As the sun was setting, Lauren came and sat in my lap. We shared our chocolate chip cookies. And watched the sun go down.

Lauren looked up at me and told me she loved me. She gave me a big kiss and hugged me as tight as she could. Today was about more than the things that I bought her. It was about the time we spent together. About laughing and having fun. I am glad that I get to spend good quality time with her. It's little things like sharing a chocolate chip cookie and some kisses that make our days so very special.


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