Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Couple's Trip

Billy surprised me 2 days ago with a quick trip north. We were going to see the Gretchen Wilson concert. My parents had already agreed to watch Lauren. Billy really had everything covered. Lauren was over the moon to go see her grandparents. And to go "camping" with grandpa. My dad was setting up a tent in the backyard when we got there. At 6AM! My parents live up in the mountains. And dad decided that Lauren need to camp out for a night. Lauren was jumping out of her seat the minute we stopped in the driveway.

After talking with my parents for a while. And my mom packing us some snacks. Billy and I were on our way. It is about a 4 hr drive. But not too bad. Since we dropped off Lauren and got on the road by 8AM, we had a little bit of time to wonder on our way. We stopped in 2 small towns. The 1st, we found a nice antique shop. Billy picked up some old tools. And I found some nice boxes and metal baskets. The 2nd, we had lunch. It was just a leisurely day. Once we got to the place were the concert was, we checked into our room and relaxed.

We were lucky that the place where the concert was also had a nice hotel. We ordered in dinner and got ready. I was so excited. I love Gretchen's shows. This is the 4th one that we have seen. She is a really good live performer. Not all recording artists are. After the concert we made it back to our room fairly quickly.

This morning we slept in. And ordered breakfast in our room. I have to say, this place has some good food! Billy even surprised me with a mini shopping trip. We went to the Uptown Center. And I bought some MAC, 2 dresses, and some books for Lauren. We had a quick bite to eat. And bought some cupcakes at a bakery nearby.

We've been on the road back to my parents' house for about 2 hrs. We are both excited to see Lauren. As much as we miss her, it was nice to just get away for a day. To spend some good, uninterrupted time with my husband. Taking care of our relationship, only makes us better parents. And while we can sneak in a mini trip or 2 before the baby comes, we will. It is important to both of us.


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