Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm on Twitter

I joined Twitter today. Let's see how well I use it. Because I haven't been doing real well with MySpace. I've all but neglected my page for about a year now. Most likely because most of my friends have stopped using it. We now chat in Lola's private chat room thing. That is nice because we make little "chat dates." It's all on live cams and we share lots of personal pictures. All without worrying about them getting into the wrong hands.

After seeing that poor mom, whose baby was placed on Craig's List for adoption, I am pretty certain that I will not post pictures of Lauren and the new baby. I will post pictures of other things, but my kids are too precious to me. I could not even begin to imagine what I would do if that would happen to us. For now, we will stick with twitter. And see if I actually "stick with it."


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