Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lauren's New Playhouse

Today Billy and Joe put together Lauren's new playhouse. After seeing the ones on Jon and Kate +8, Billy wanted to get Lauren one. After much digging around, calling, and who knows what, Billy took me out to the barn last night. J had delivered it. The cutest little thing you could ever lay your eyes on! But it needed to be put together. The 2 of us agreed to keep it a secret for Lauren.

And this morning after breakfast, we met Anna Marie at Target for some shopping. Anna Marie and Eva were doing a lot of shopping for the new baby. Joe and Anna Marie's new daughter will be here in November. I half wanted to add some new kitchen toys to our basket. But Lauren was very observant today. And I didn't want her to get suspicious. I know she is only 2, but she gets things very quickly.

We also made a stop at Hobby Lobby. The girls were too thrilled over some jewelry kits that we bought. And eventually we made it to Applebee's for lunch. But Lauren and Eva didn't make it much past that. So we headed back to Anna Marie and Joe's house. Still uncertain of the progress at our house.

Halfway through the girls' nap and our manicures, Billy called. They were not done. Because they needed to find some tool. Which lead them to make the hour trip to the larger city nearby. Then another hour back. They were just getting started.

Once the girls woke up, we had a snack. Then the girls noticed our painted nails. And wanted some too! After painted nails, the girls made lots of necklaces. Draped all 4 of us in beads. Anna Marie and I were trying to keep them entertained. When in walked our husbands. All smiles and proud of themselves.

Billy and I took Lauren home. And she was so excited when she looked in the backyard. Her Little Pink Playhouse was waiting for her. And I was very impressed. Billy had even bought little furniture and toys for the inside. Dolls and dress up clothes too! She was so thrilled. And spent hours and hours playing in her house.

I am so glad that we thought about this. Lauren has a tree house/play house at my parents house and at my in-laws. But we had never thought about it here at home. To see Lauren so excited, made me happy! She even wants to plant flowers around her house!


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