Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girls' Day

I'm up early today. We are having a girls' day. Just Anna Marie, Cari, and myself. I honestly couldn't be much more excited than I am right now. Well, if some more friends were going. But we got our little group.

First up, we are going out for breakfast. I have been craving the Nutella Crepes from IHOP. We are going to the larger city, about an hour away. IHOP is first on our plans. Anna Marie and I just might eat everything in the place. 2 pregnant ladies with cravings.

We don't have a lot planned. Just places we want to go to. A little shopping. We couldn't have planned this better. On the news, they just said it is the Tax-Free weekend. I just hope that the crowds aren't too bad! I definitely want to go look at some fabric. As does Anna Marie. Lola is going to be decorating their nursery. But with the crazy schedules, she hasn't had a chance to start. And Anna Marie can't decide on a fabric! Very typical of my friend. And we have a nice lunch planned. I remembered to make the reservations last week.

Sometime in the late afternoon, we are going to Cari's. She is going to be giving us some of her amazing plants. I just love their yard! I wish I had her green thumb. For now, I am just hoping to not kill whatever plants she gives me. But Billy is good with the yard. So I'm hoping for some success.

It is getting late. And I need to finish getting ready. Lauren is going to have a Daddy Day. Well, after we go to the Farmers' Market. I'm going with them to pick up some food for the week. Then I'm off with the girls!


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