Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

We just got home. Billy is putting Lauren to sleep. She is so exhausted! And was happy for nap time today. As we all are! But yesterday was such an amazing day! Once I got to the suite that they had rented, I got organized. That is the key to a successful day! I remember that much from school and my training. I was 30 minutes early, and happy when 6 women showed up early. I got to setting hair in rollers. And by 10:30AM all the hair was done. Except the little girls. We decided it was best to wait until the last possible minute for them.

The women definitely had my heart. They were so excited when I pulled out the air-brush. The same way Lola and I had gotten excited when I first got it. The makeup was also very easy to do. Hispanic women have the most amazing skin. There complexions need very little help. And really, we were going for the natural, summery look. Lola worked on little girls while I perfected the bride. We were completely ready and dressed, out the door and in the cars 3 minutes early!

I don't think I have ever known of a wedding to be on-time. But these women were amazing. And everything was so super organized. I credit Lola for that. She never leaves any detail undone. Even the dresses were hung out on these gorgeous racks. The room looked beautiful. How many times can you say that?

They took pictures before and after the wedding. The guys were first. Then they were ushered into the church. The girls took a lot of beautiful pictures too. The ceremony was gorgeous! With mariachis and everything. The groom, a rather large guy, cried the entire time his bride walked down the aisle. It was too sweet! The guys wore mariachi suits instead of tuxedos. It was really pretty. After the ceremony, the large wedding party took pictures for about an hour and a half. They took pictures in a grassy area behind the church. It was filled with hills. And Nico has such imagination. He grouped them in small groups on various hills. Then went out and snapped a bunch of shots. The wider shots had all of these people, but it was so beautiful and simple. I wish I had one to post. It was just a neat idea!

The reception was dream-like. The tables were amazing! Lola had been helping them get everything together. And she has a good eye. Back in February, our Wal-Mart stopped selling fabric. Right before, they put everything on sale. And she had Amelia buy bolts of fabric in the colors of the wedding. She helped them make the table linens out of this fabric. Then they bought a bunch of white candles, all sizes and shapes. And the tables were decorated with candles, a couple of mirrors, and varying heights of glass vases with the flowers. The lightening of the hall was amazing. And with the candlelit, it was magical!

The food was so good too! And baby was cooperating last night. So I got to enjoy every last bite of food. The dessert plate was my favorite. And Lauren's too! The desserts were mini Mexican desserts. Simply love! The cake was gorgeous. It was a replica of the church they got married in. With lights and everything! WOW! And the gift at the end of the night. Prepare yourselves for this. Was a candy bar!!! A table with glass vases of various sizes and heights. Filled with candy in the colors of the wedding. We were each given a heart shaped tin to fill with our favorites.

But the best part of the night was the dance. Lauren danced the night away. She and Little M, M, Little S, Little A, and a bunch of little girls danced together. They were too adorable. Billy and I danced too! It reminded us of our wedding day. We ended up not leaving until the dance ended at 2AM. Then we went with some friends to IHOP for breakfast. It was a day that we never wanted to end.

Billy and I had so much fun! Our wedding and theirs couldn't be more different. We had a small wedding, 3 other couples besides ourselves. They had 20-25? Our wedding was small, intimate, and a country style wedding. Theirs was posh and overflowing with everything. But it was so nice. We have met many new friends that we will have for a lifetime!

All the best wishes for the Newlyweds!


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