Monday, December 3, 2012

They're So Special

We spent the better part, of last week, in Las Vegas. The band was performing. We were getting to meet up with a some of our friends people. And these ones too! It was a nice week. I did miss Lauren. Now that she's in school, it's so hard to travel with her. We don't want her to miss school. So she gets to hangout with my parents.

But there was something about being in Las Vegas. And working this event. With all this glitz and glam. That got me thinking. I want my girls to be confident in themselves. To not depend on makeup, hair, jewelry, clothes, men. I want them to know, each of them are so special. So unique. And amazing. Just because they are, who they are.

I guess I'm feeling this way, because they are getting older. Robbie walks around, like his daddy. Super confident. He ALWAYS tells us, he's going to be like daddy. Work on the Ranch. Be a daddy. Have a wife. Now I know, my boy is only 2 years old. But he's got his plan going. I'm sure, he'll probably change his mind. A 100 times, before he gets "there." But he has a clue.

I want Lauren and Abby to have that same confidence. To know, they don't need to be like a model. Or an actress. That they are perfect the way they are. That they can be mommas like me. Or be like T-Lo, and become doctors. That they can do anything.

Everyday, our little girls are hammered with so many ads, magazines, images that are not real. I don't want my daughters to think only of labels, pounds on a scale, boys, and the such. It makes me realize more and more, that I need to set this example for them.

They know that momma doesn't always wear makeup, dress up, or even do her hair. But that I do these things for myself. To feel better. To have fun. That buying all this makeup, is not normal. But my job. I want them to have confidence in themselves.

More importantly, I want them to turn to God. Ask him for guidance. To know that magazines, aren't about "real life." Just fun stuff. That we should weigh more than 100 lbs. That drinking and getting arrested are not the "normal." I want them to know, they don't need all of these things. Because they're already so special! I want my girls to know this. We love them. Just the way they are!!


Friday, November 23, 2012

New in 2012: Ball Bunting

I'll be the first one to admit it. I adore bunting and garlands. Adore them!! Like our entire home is covered in fresh garland and lights, from mid November to mid January. I spend hours and hours on Pinterest, looking for new buntings and garlands. I look for any excuse to put them up. Like one made out of cupcake liners. :)

Recently, I was on Pinterest. Looking for a new idea. And that lead me to this blog. And this post. Wow! Something about it, called to me. And I knew, I needed to make it. :)

Let's take a side "trip," right here. I adore that Jessica has decorated Harper's nursery, for Christmas. It's just so adorable! But I might be a little more excited then most. Remember Lauren's adventure. Ya, the twins are totally into decorating this year too! We just adore decorating for holidays!

This year, we let our twins pick out Christmas decorations for their room. To be like Lauren. :) Yes, it happened back in October. The people at Hobby Lobby thought we were nuts! But I had to do it. We LOVE the holidays too much.

Our little project, started before we headed to Texas. And headed to Hobby Lobby. Everyone picked their "colors." Lauren went with pink and red. I wouldn't expect anything less. Although, the red shocked me a bit. Maybe Marissa, is now having some influence on Lauren and her "pinkness!" Abby, got lavender and pink. And Mr. Robbie, he went with red and blue. :)

I don't know how this garland was made. But I bought 2 packages, of each color of pom-poms. And a long "doll making" needle. I consulted with my bestie, and my momma. And packed up my supplies. Headed to Texas, for Thanksgiving with Billy's side of the family. :)

I've spent the last 2 nights working on our buntings. After the kids go to bed, and it's just us adults chatting. I pull out this crazy long needle, lots of thread, and bags of pom-poms. I've got 4 done. 2 to go. Fingers crossed, tonight, after the kiddos are asleep....I will finish!

Hopefully, by the time we get home, everything will be done! And my kiddos will have some more "charm" for their rooms. I'm hoping to make a few for my office/studio. Maybe a strand of each of pink, black, and white. How fun!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It shouldn't be much of a shock. Billy and I, aren't having anymore kiddos. There are still mornings, when I wake up, and my heart aches for a newborn. I really want a baby some days. But when we first got married, Billy and I agreed. 2 kids. God surprised us with 3!! :) And I'm more than good with that!

Our twins are now 2 1/2 years old. Getting bigger every day. They have their "big kid" rooms. And all those pieces of "baby furniture," are slowly finding new homes. But there are still things, that I don't know what to do with. I don't want to give them away. And I don't know how I can keep them....

I originally found this picture on Pinterest. I don't know why I saved it. The reality is, we don't really drink. Billy has the occasional beer with the guys. Maybe once a year, I have a glass of champagne. So I don't need a "bar cart." But I like this idea.

To be 100% honest, we only have 1 changing table. It was a gift. And something we almost never used. Basically, we'd already bought Lauren's nursery furniture. Her dresser, doubled as a changing table. But someone really special, bought us this changing table. So I used it to store lots of Lauren's things.

When the twins were born, it was definitely something that came in handy. We put it in the family room. Loaded with lots of stuff that we might need. For over a year, we've not needed it. It's become a "catch all" for the kids stuff. Markers, crayons, coloring books, cars, dolls, etc.

But I saw this picture and had a thought. I could repaint our changing table. Add some wheels. And we'd have an instant "ice cream bar." Maybe use it for desserts, candy, or the kids' birthday party.

Brilliant I thought! Right now, Billy is working on my project. ;) It's been painted white. He installed a board to the front. That he painted with chalkboard paint. Added some metal baskets to one of the short sides. And a handle to the other. Right now, he's working on the wheels.

It feels so good. To repurpose this piece of furniture. It has a lot of meaning. And I wanted to keep it. But also use it. In a way that would celebrate it. And make us all proud. I guess, you just never know where the inspiration will come from.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High Heels Mysteries

One of my favorite birthdays gifts, is this series of books. I got them from my sister. Who read them all, last Fall. She kept telling me, that they were AMAZING! So fun. And I NEEDED to read them. All of them. But every time I went to Barnes and Noble, I got distracted. And forgot to look for them.

My sister got them for me, for my birthday. I'm almost done with the first one. This book, is the last in the series. They're all about one main character. Who is a very girly girl. These are murder mystery type of books. Something very different, from what I normally read. But I have to say this, Gemma's books are a nice break from real life. :)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cuddly Crochet

Not long ago, Lola was working on some cute presents. Baby Shower gifts. But to me, the little animals, would be perfect for my kiddos! When I asked her, where she got the patterns, she immediately pulled out this book!

Oh, goodness! These are cute patterns. And this book is AMAZING! I just can't find it anywhere. And that makes me sad. I was shocked, to find it out of stock, on Amazon. I guess, I just have to keep searching for it...


If I Could Knit...

I'd make this Bunny Hat and Booties set. So adorable!! Couldn't you just see a precious baby girl, in this hat. And these booties, are just too cut for words! If I could knit, I'd make this, for a sweet baby girl. That is soon to make her appearance in our family!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Our family wanted to wish all of you, a very Happy Easter! What a blessed day this is! We're looking forward to celebrating our dear Lord. And spending plenty of time, with our family and friends!

I just might have baked a few of these cakes. And have tons of food, for later. The Easter bunny has visited. And we have our Sunday Best ready! Our family from Texas, has been visiting. And we hope to have an amazing day with them! Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've waited and waited. And waited some more! I've been so patient! And Monday night, didn't disappoint! Not one bit!!

Did anyone else catch Bones? It was so good! And I hope this means, a few more seasons. :) I can't wait to see how Bones, really interacts with Baby Christine.

Funny thing is, I never watched this show. Not until about a year ago. When Lola got me hooked. Then I suddenly had to watch every episode. I've seen them all twice! And now, I'm hooked! What's one of your favorite, must see TV shows?


Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Girl Shoes

Recently, I was searching the internet. For a little inspiration. A little fun. Something to add to my wardrobe. And this is what I found...

Oh wow! The perfect shoes! With a CRAZY price tag attached. I'd LOVE this shoes. Maybe in another lifetime. Because I just can't get past that price tag!

Pink, sparkly, red bottoms, high heels...what more could you ask for? If I had a pair of these, I'd be a little worried, that I'd on my way to Baby #4! :) But aren't they gorgeous?!? One can dream....


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stylish Baby!

I'm always telling my sister, that she should have a baby. I know, I'm a bad influence! But she's been married nearly 2 years. And I know that she would be such a GREAT mom!

Lizzie likes to come and visit us, as often as she can. We live a couple of hours from each other, and she works full time. So it can get a little complicated sometimes. Being that she is usually off at the beginning of the week. And Lauren goes to school M-F.

But when T-Li, that's what my kiddos call her, comes over, it's always loads of fun! My sister is known to crawl into Lauren's playhouse, for hours of play. T-Li likes to dress up in a tutu and high heels, to pick up Lauren from dance practice. Heck, my sister runs through the sprinklers with the kids, 5 minutes before we leave for church! :)

I told you, she's fun.
One of the things my girls like the most, is playing "dress up" with T-Li. She ALWAYS brings my kids new, and very stylish clothes. Fashion is very important to my little sis. I tell her, she need a baby, to dress up too!

This hat just reminds me of my sister. I can just imagine it. If Lizzie were to have a little boy, she'd dress him up in little button up shirts, and the hippest hats. Probably with little loafers. Forget it, if she had a little girl!

But I guess I'm just dreaming now. I'd LOVE it, if my little sister would have a baby. But I know that's not in her immediate plans. That's OK. But I'm pretty sure, I'm going to make this hat. And save it. Maybe a little "lovebird" will come sooner than later! :)


Crochet Along: Week 6

Welcome Back! It's our last week,of this Crochet Along. And I for one, am very excited! How about you? Our goal for the week, is the edging. :) That's it! And we're done with our Bunny Blankets!!!

Lola has been working on 2 separate blankets. And finished 1, over the weekend. Lola will be posting some tips, for the edging today. I'd definitely go over to her blog, to read up. I'm sure it will be helpful, before you start your edging.

This has been a very fun project to work on! And I can't wait, to wrap up my blanket, for a precious new baby! Hopefully, very soon, Lola and I will get another Crochet Along started. If you're interested, come back soon. Please send us your project ideas! We'd love to hear all about them. Now, all that's left, is to finish our blankets. And enjoy them! Thanks for all the fun! :)


Friday, March 30, 2012

New in 2012: Bunny Cake

My new thing this week, was making this Bunny Cake. I'm not a "fancy" baker. I make cupcakes, pies, cookies, cakes, etc. But nothing too fancy. Not shaped. Not bunnies. No fancy piping.

But this week, a few friends and I, decided to meet for a "Lunch and Play Date." For us and our kids. And I wanted to make something fun. Interesting. And something "Spring-y."

Lola pointed me to this recipe. Which was amazing! Now I feel like, I should have been doing this years ago! There were a few "challenging" things, but it was overall super easy! How could it not be? You use a box cake, and store bought frosting!

The thing I learned about making this cake was, to be a little patient. :) And to bake it, when my kiddos were napping. That worked perfectly! After I baked the cake, and "shaped it," I stuck it in the freezer. Just like the instructions said. It made frosting, and decorating it, so much easier!

Now that I've tackled one cake, I might try something else! I don't know. Something fun for Mother's Day. But I know one thing, I'll definitely be baking this cake, for Easter. I'm sure my family will enjoy it!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

If Only I Could Find This Dress...

I'd be such a HAPPY Lady!!! I just LOVE this dress. I found it, somewhere on Pinterest. But there was no source. Now I can't even find that Pinterest source. And I've spent way too many hours, searching for this dress! But I can't help myself! I just adore the color, style, and print of this dress. If only I could find it!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eyelet Love!

I have a little confession to make. I've been searching, for an eyelet dress, for a while now. More than a year, to be honest. It all started when I saw my sister, wearing on. It was last summer. And she paired it, with some roughed up boots, and turquoise jewelry.

Since then, I've been wanting, a similar dress. Well, sort of. I was looking for something a little more, simple. I've always liked eyelet. In fact, my daughters, each have 5 dresses, made of eyelet! So I searched. With not luck. Until, I went shopping at Forever 21! And I found my dress!

The best part, it was on sale for $15. I've found it here, listed for $27.80. I don't think, I've been this excited about clothes, in years! Let's not tell Billy, I bought a few more things too! OK, a lot of stuff. As in 4 bags. :) But honestly, I had just cleaned out our closet. And was left with little clothes for summer. Oh, it was a good trip to Forever 21!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Chaps

My nephew is nearly 6 months old. I can't believe it! Where has the time gone? I wish that we could see him more often. But with Lauren in school, well we just don't get to Texas as much as we'd like.

But our little buddy is getting big. And scooting around. If you haven't noticed by hubby is a cowboy. A genuine cowboy! He used to be a bull rider. No lie! Thank goodness he was ending that chapter of his life, when we met. But it's an important part of our life.

With that being said, Lauren has been "Mutton Busting" for a few years. Robbie, loves to chase animals around the yard. Abby is the only one, that is happy, to just look at the animals. But we still love to dress up our kiddos. They have many pairs of Wranglers...and boots!

I got to thinking. I want to make my nephew something. Something that is "western" inspired. Cute. And that is useful. Remember I told you that he's nearly 6 months old? He's getting mobile now. So this pattern...well it just made me smile!

A pair of chaps! Perfection! My brother-in-law is totally a cowboy. Wears chaps every day. I think these would be incredible for our nephew. :) Perfect to put over his little jeans, as he crawls around the porch.

Another thing, I think you should check out Cobbler's Cabin. It's a great blog! Full of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G patterns. That I want to try out. Especially this sweater. I think it would look nice in navy. Just go see this wonderful blog. You won't regret it!


Crochet Along: Week 5

Hi Crochet Along Pals! How are your blankets going? Mine is going well. I'm actually +5 rows right now. I got lots of crocheting done, while traveling this weekend. :)

This week is big! We're working on rows 67-87. That's our last "bunny block!" Essentially, the same set of work, that we did Week 3. At the end of this week, we'll be done with the blocks!

I'm very excited. Actually, the baby I'm making this for, is almost here. So I better get working! Life has just been so busy. Literally, the second half of March, is always crazy for us! Our 3 kids have birthdays. We have a lot of traveling. And many of our friends' kids have birthdays too! Hopefully, I get my blanket finished. :)


Friday, March 23, 2012

New in 2012: Easter Shapes Bows

Recently, I've been searching on Etsy a lot! Because I had a lot of shopping, for my kiddos' birthdays to do. :) That's when I came across something very fun! And I just had to have them. For my girls! But the shop is on "vacation." And I didn't know of a way to get in touch with the seller....

Just look at this cute bunny hair clip. Perfect for Easter! Perfect for my girls. Heck, I would even wear it. :)

And this chickie. Oh, she is cute! Abby absolutely fell IN LOVE with it! So much, she even told J. :)

Well, I couldn't find the seller. I googled lots of things. That's when I found the blog, to go with the shop! I was so excited! I also found something fun....

A tutorial for this egg clip. :) Oh yes, I did! I've never worked with ribbon. Honestly, I'm one of those people, that get suckered into paying $12-15 a bow. It's crazy!

I once bought a tutorial set, on eBay. For bow making. There were 3 or 4 booklets, full of tutorials. Great tutorials! I bought them, while I was pregnant with Lauren. And I NEVER made one!

I half heartily tried to make one. But I got frustrated. It probably wasn't wise, to make the bows outside. On a pretty breezy day. I'm just saying, it wasn't a good mix. Then, I'd go shopping with my MIL and SIL, and they'd just buy a bunch of bows. Lauren was well stocked. With genuine Texas sized bows!

When we came back, Lauren was just weeks old. I started buying the bows online. And in little shops. I never attempted bow making again. It's sad, but true. Later, when Abby was born, Lauren had plenty to share! And my love of Etsy provided the rest! :)

Well, when I saw this tutorial, I just had to try it. I bought a bunch of ribbon. Way more than I'd need. :) And one of those nifty tools, that Kyla used. And I sort of prayed, that the Funky Polka Dot Giraffe would open. And soon!

But it didn't. So on Tuesday night, after our kiddos were in bed, I started. And it didn't take too long. I'm sure, my 2 bows in 1 hour, is way longer than most. But they were my 1st 2 bows. By the end of the news, I had a bow for each of my daughters. I was so excited!

Billy encouraged me. He told me, "I bet you could make those other 2. They don't look much different from that egg. Ya know what I mean?" I did. Basically, the chick has a head a wings, plus that egg that I already made. And the bunny is just a head with big ears, and that same egg.

Last night, I sat down again. And in 90 minutes, I made 2 bunnies, and 2 chicks. :) I was over the moon, in excitement! Lauren and Abby wore their chicks today. And Lauren asked me, to make one for Maribel. Her BFF! Let's just say, my daughters were so happy! And they now think, I can hang the moon.

This was one fun experience. And I honestly can't wait, to make more creations. :) I even dug out those old tutorials, that I had bought. I have a feeling, that I'll be buying much more ribbon, in my near future. Especially, since my daughters like their bows. I'm really glad, that I took a second chance at bow making!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Train

A while back, Lola was telling me about this AMAZING train! That is just a few hours away. And they specialize, in a "Child's Ride." On this, real train. An old fashioned train! Lola and this guy, went on the "Adult version," of the train ride. Back in October. And they loved it!

So I did some research. The train runs from the late Spring, well into Fall. And it sounds like a great idea! The regular ride, is an all day adventure. But the "Kid Version," is just an afternoon. After talking with Billy, we made reservations. I'm positive, that the kids are going to love it!

Between, we're going to stay in a cute, mountain town. For a couple of days. And our friends, Sals and David, are also going on the train! I'm not sure, when they booked their trip. But I sorta hope, that we're all going, at the same time. I think it would be so much fun! 8 kids, and 4 adults. On an open car train. In the mountains. I'm already so excited!

And honestly, I can't wait to see Robbie, on the train. I feel like, so much of the time, he gets stuck doing "Girl Things." Because he has 2 big sisters. And much of the time, we're doing things, that Lauren enjoys. This is definitely, a much more "Boy Oriented" activity. But something, that I'm positive, all of us will enjoy! We've already started counting down...we go in June!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

They're 2!

Dear Abby and Robbie,

Happy 2nd Birthday! We can't believe how quickly, you are growing up. 2 years ago, we welcomed you both, into our family. The perfect fit! The 2 of you, made our family whole, and complete.

We can't get over, how big you are getting. How quickly time is passing. And how much fun we're having! Sometimes, we just want to press "Pause." Because we know, that soon you will be too big for cuddles and butterfly kisses.

2 years ago, we were anxious to meet you. Lauren talked to you both, every day. Telling you, about all the fun, you'd have. And you know what, she was right. What a fun big sister, you guys have. She helps you 2, get into a lot of fun!

Just a year ago, you were both wobbling around. Really trying to master your walking. Today, you both are running full speed! Riding ponies. And showing me, how real cowgirls and cowboys dance!

These 2 years, have flown by! We've made so many memories. And we look forward, to all the memories, that we still have to make! Most of all, we look forward to, watching you 2 grow. And become amazing people.

We know that we're lucky! To be your Mommy and Daddy. That God sent us, 2 of the most perfect souls. And trusted us, to raise you. And shape you. Into beautiful souls. An amazing woman, and man. Your Mommy and Daddy, are trying their best. But most of all, we want you to know, that we'll ALWAYS love you both! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

~Love, Mommy and Daddy

Happy Birthday Lola!

Today is a very special day. It's Lola's birthday! And we wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday! Lola is very special to our family. She's an amazing woman, musician, Nana, friend, doctor, student, cook, baker, crafter, and did I mention best friend. :) We hope that Lola has an amazing day! Because she deserves it, more than anyone else that I know! Happy Birthday Lola! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

~Billy, Manders, Lauren, Abby, and Robbie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oreo Heaven!

I know that I've talked about Shay's blog before. But people, you need to try this recipe! It's so delicious!

You see, almost 2 weeks ago, I was talking to this gal. And we were talking about trifles. Because of Lola. Who just happens to make the best one, that I've ever eaten! Yum!

But Hills was telling me about this Oreo Chocolate Trifle, that Shay posted. Because this guy, happens to really love Oreos!

How did I miss this? I don't know! But I made it yesterday. While Billy made dinner. And oh my goodness, it was so good! I'll admit it, we polished it off tonight. After the kids went to bed! :) I'm telling you, you NEED to try this recipe!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Bedroom Ideas

With our "Big Girl," turning 5 yesterday, we've been wanting to do something. Something special! Lauren has pretty much, had the same room, for 5 years. It's beautiful! Lola designed it for us. Sewed everything! Cari painted beautiful murals.

But Lauren is 5 years old. And we think, it's about time, that she got a "Big Girl" room. Something more special. More Lauren. So we talked to Joe. A good friend of ours. Who is also a very talented carpenter! And Lola. A very talented designer, and organizer! We've decided, to give Lauren, a new bedroom.

So I've done a little research. A little digging around. With Lauren a bit. And a bit on my own. And this, is what we've come up with, so far.

Maybe something "Fairy Tale" inspired! Believe it or not, Billy and Joe found this. Lauren LOVES it! And from what Joe told us, this is very doable!

How about a Cinderella carriage? Maybe a little over the top for us! But this definitely reminded me of Sarita!

How about this? Much more Lauren's style! But honestly, would my daughter, ever get rest? Would she sleep? Or would she want to play all night?

This is the same idea, but I think is a little more "sleep friendly." A place that Lauren, could actually sleep! But still have some fun in. :)

Or should we go with something more "Grown Up?" Something that Lauren can "grow into." That say, in 5 or 10 years, she can still use.

So many decisions! But our Big Girl deserves it! We might not know, what the details are. What "theme" we will go with. But Lauren did tell me, it's definitely going to be pink! Oh sweet girl! I wouldn't have thought differently. This from the girl, who dreamt of pink Christmas trees!

What do you think? Are we crazy? Do you have any ideas? I do know, it's not going to be as detailed, as Miss Emma's Snow White room. But it will be something special. Just for Lauren!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

She's 5!

Dear Lauren,

Happy 5th Birthday! Sweet girl, where has time gone! I still remember you, being in my belly. Kicking and fluttering about. Kicking, when your Daddy asked nicely. And here you are. All grown up. 5 years old, and in school!

The day you were born, was so special. The time, that the 3 of us spent together, was some of the sweetest time. When you took your Mommy and Daddy's hearts. And you've had them, ever since. :)

Lauren, you've taught us so much. About love. And family. You've shown us the world, in a different light. You've softened your Daddy. And taught your Mommy. You Sweet Girl, made us a family. Something, that we will cherish, all our lives!

All those months, when you were growing inside me, I wanted to meet you. We both did. We imagined, what life would be like. But we could never have imagined, just how amazing, our lives would become! How you alone, would change our lives, so very much!

Today you are 5 years old! So big. And special. The most cuddly, soft spoken, loving little girl. Smart as a whistle! With the biggest heart. We are blessed! All of us! You have taught your Mommy and Daddy, how to be a Mommy and Daddy. To love, in such a different, and amazing ways. And no one, is a better big sister!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We hope that God continues to bless you. To continue, to grow in your heart, and soul. To show you, the good in life. And to help you, to achieve all of your dreams. We LOVE you, more than words can say! Happy 5th Birthday Lauren!!!

~Love, Mommy and Daddy

Crochet Along: Week 4

Hi Crochet Friends! How are you doing? Our blankets are halfway done! I'm so excited! Even my husband commented on my blanket. Saying that I should make one, for our house. :)

This week, our goal is to work on rows 46-66. We'll have 3 "bunny blocks" by next Sunday! What makes me more excited is, I don't have to carry around the pattern. Because this week, is just like Week 1!

On a personal note, it's been a little tough, to stay motivated. I know, that if I'd been working on this alone, I'd have put it down a few times. Between working, party planning, and just life, it's been a little difficult to make time to crochet. Yesterday alone, my daughter had a dance performance. And we had a Baby Shower to go to.

That's why I like the idea, of the "Crochet Along." It keeps you motivated. And moving in the right direction. Have I mentioned all your e-mails? They keep me motivated too! So many great notes. That you all, are enjoying this too!

Well, today, my baby turns 5! And we have a day of fun ahead of us. So I'm almost positive, that my crocheting, is going to wait until tomorrow. Then I'm going to try and jam as much into Monday and Tuesday nights. Because my twins turn 2, on Wednesday. And this week is Spring Break. Oh, so much to do! But I'm determined, to work on my blanket! :)


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day! Do you have any special plans? Well, we did. Until Wednesday. When we found out, Lauren had to dance. It was a last minute thing. So it put a wrench in our plans. But that's OK. We all enjoy, watching her. She's seriously, the cutest little dancer, that I've ever seen! :)

We are starting our day with green pancakes. Yum! Billy has actually, just headed down to the kitchen. And our kiddos, are all half asleep. Just climbed into Mommy and Daddy's bed, for Saturday morning cartoons. How else, would you start St. Patty's Day?

After Lauren performs, we're going to my friend's Baby Shower. She expecting her 3rd baby. Her 1st little girl! Talk about an excited lady! :) And we get to see Lola again! She's hosting the shower.

Then the whole "Birthday Party Schedule," sorta fell through. Because of this dance thing. And Spring Break. And my In-Laws can't come. Oh, and the Rodeo next weekend. That means, Sals is going to have her 2 parties next weekend. And I'll have our 2, the following weekend. Gives me a few more days, to finish up my projects!

It's not all bad news. Just a few complcations. But nothing, that we can't deal with. I'd rather postpone, and have my In-Laws here. It wouldn't be the same, without them. And this way, I can help Sals.

My girls and I, are sporting our green nails. And we've all, picked out something green to wear. Billy and Robbie have big plans today. To go help J, with a project. I'm not exactly sure of the details. But it's "Guy Time." That I'm sure, they're all excited about!

I better get going. I have lots of cuddling to do! With my 3 kiddos. Before breakfast is ready. And our day really begins. Happy St. Patty's Day, from our house, to yours!


Friday, March 16, 2012

New in 2012: Our Kids and Opera

The Phantom of the Opera came out Sunday night. The 25th Anniversary of, The Phantom of the Opera. But we were gone working. Before we left, I set our DVR, and recorded it. Knowing that when we got back, I'd watch it over a few nights. After the kids were asleep.

What surprised me was, Billy wanted to watch it. And so did our kids! It happened on Tuesday. I was looking, for a show for the twins. We were getting Lauren ready. And it showed up on the list. Lauren asked about it. And seemed really interested in it. So we agreed, Wednesday, we'd watch it. Together.

I was a little skeptical of our plans. I can't lie. At worst, I thought, I'd watch it later that night. On Wednesday, as the twins napped, I prepared. I got out the new things I'd bought. To entertain my kids. New coloring books, crayons, small games, that kind of thing. Between, I just went to the Dollar Tree, for all of that!

Then I baked some cookies, made sure dinner was coming along in the slow cooker, and looked for snacks. I set up our den, to be "movie ready." But I was still not sure.

By the time I picked up Lauren, and Billy got home, I highly doubted, my kids would sit through this show. And boy was I shocked!

Not only did they sit through it, but they were mesmerized! Didn't make too much noise. Didn't touch all the toys. Just sat there and watched. Honestly, the 5 of us, cuddled on the couch. Almost the entire time. Eyes wide open. Taking in the entire show!

I was shocked. I didn't think my kids, would really be into this show. I didn't think, that almost 2 year olds, would find it interesting. But there was something, for everyone.

I'm positive, that Robbie enjoyed all the "special effects." Which definitely added to the show. Lauren and Abby, were both, really interested in the dancing. Especially, in the beginning. Billy was really into the music. I thoroughly enjoyed the makeup and costumes!

I really thought, that the content, would be a bit much. But the "death scenes," happened quickly. And you didn't really notice, if you weren't really paying attention. Which, my kids were not watching, that closely. When we knew someone would die, we'd distract them. And it was over in a few seconds.

My favorite part of the show, was the encore. At the end. When the older cast, performed. Quite emotional. I will say this, I'm glad that I had recorded it. Because the local channel, was using this, to "collect pledges." It was nice to skip all of that!

This was an interesting experiment. This morning, Lauren asked me, when we could watch another show like that. Interesting. Maybe we can find a "Children's Opera," to take them to. I think that would be a lot of fun.

In case you are interested in seeing the Phantom of the Opera, I'd check PBS. Here's a little clip of the show. And you can definitely check your local listings. Maybe you can catch it this weekend.. It's worth the few hours.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh So Innocent!

Early this week, Lauren and I, ran into Walgreen's. Billy was home with the twins. And he called me, to ask me, to pick up a few things. Right after Lauren's dance practice, we stopped. The lines were crazy! And these are the times, when I'm grateful for my kids. My easy going, don't throw tantrum kids. :)

Eventually, they opened the register, in the Beauty section. And we headed that way. Lauren had been a doll! Carrying a card we picked up, some cough drops, and a pack of chapstick. The girl, didn't even ask for anything!

This Mommy, was feeling oh so guilty! You see, I was carry milk, bandaids, some chocolate for Billy, and 4 magazines. Of that stuff, only the first 3 were on our list. So I told Lauren, to pick something out. We had 2 people in front of us. So I wasn't worried.

What I hadn't noticed was, Lauren was eyeing the nail polish stash. All the gorgeous colors, lined up. Immediately, she went for this green nail polish.

Her reasoning, it was perfect for St. Patty's Day! Because she has to dance that day. And won't be wearing green the whole time. I think Lauren's worried about getting pinched. So we bought the nail polish. Mommy might have also picked up a new lipstick. :)

What I will say is, my girls LOVE nail polish. We actually have weekly "nail painting" nights! This week, we all went for "Innocent" nails.

2 things about this nail polish. I LOVE the color. It's not a crazy neon. But a nice, bright green. I also love the consistency of the polish. It's really easy to work with. Even with 2 little girls. 2 coats later, we were ready for St. Patty's Day! Between, that was 3 days ago. And there is no signs of chips! Best $2 nail polish, that I know of!

On a quick note, Happy Birthday Cari! We can't wait to celebrate with you. How exciting this day is. The beginning of you, becoming a real "woman." Happy 13th!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working in Las Vegas

For the last few days, we've been in Las Vegas. Mostly for work. The band was performing. And more importantly, we got to spend some time with Lola, Hills, this guy, and this guy. Friends that we don't get to see often.

Working in Las Vegas is always a lot of fun! There are so many fun things to do. With shows every night. Unfortunately, we had to leave Lauren, with my parents. Because she's in school now. But we're lucky. That my parents are able to stay with her. And of course take care of her. Thank you Mom and Dad!

I'm not going to lie, we missed our little girl. But I know she had a great time! With my parents. I have a feeling, that many afternoons, were filled with ice cream and dolls. :)

We did get to take our twins with us. During the day, we enjoyed lots of the sights. The twins are at that age, when they just soak everything up! Our favorite place, was definitely The M&M's World! The bright colors, were an instant hit! And they were mesmerized with the Fountains!

I was lucky too! Anna Marie, watched the twins at night. When I had to go to work. Let me tell you, that was HUGE! Can you just imagine me, trying to do Lola's hair and makeup, with 2 tired kids?

There was a time, when the band worked all the time! Traveled a lot more. But in the last 5 years or so, lots of things have changed. Many of us are now married, with kids. Lola has moved. And well, I think we're all in a new phase of life.

So when we get gigs like this, we all enjoy them. I know, as a group, we could book more gigs. We're asked all the time! But as a group, we find it better, to limit the jobs we work. Right now, our personal lives, mean much more to us. And honestly, I like it that way. Besides, we're all close friends. And see each other weekly, if not daily!

Yes, it's been a busy time around here. But I'm happy to be home. With my kiddos. Doing the "ordinary" things. Like cuddling in bed, watching cartoons. As Billy gets ready for the day. And doing laundry, while making snacks, for my twins. These are the things, that life is made of.

When we're old and gray, I'm sure we'll remember, lots of our gigs. I might even remember the amazing shoes, that I wore Sunday night. To that important party. Right after our show. But it's these "everyday memories," that I'm going to cherish much more!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adorable Dolls

Do you remember last week, when I blogged about this hat? Super cute! Well, I decided to explore Think Crafty Thoughts some more. :) It's such a fun blog! And has so many great patterns. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who crochets. :)

I decided to sit down the other night, and really go through all the patterns. That's when I found this great pattern. For these dolls. They remind me of "Nesting Dolls." Lauren has a set of "Nesting Dolls," that my mom made her. They're wooden, and my mom painted them. They were the best present, for my then 2 year old daughter. :) She still plays with them. Almost 3 years later!

So this pattern, really got my attention. Lauren just loves those dolls! And I wish that I had found this pattern a few weeks ago. I would have LOVED to have made these for Lauren's birthday. But that is just a week away!

But I couldn't get these dolls out of my head. Does that ever happen to you? I visited this post, at least 10 times. Then I decided to print it out. I'm 99% positive, that I have all the supplies. And if I start them today, I might have them done, by Easter. I think this would be an adorable addition to her Easter Basket!

Now to just find some time. Being a mommy of 3, time is always a precious commodity. Especially, when you are trying to create some "surprises." But I'm hopeful. And I really do think, I can get all these things done, before the big days ahead!


Crochet Along: Week 3

Hi everyone! How are your blankets coming along? Good I hope! Lola happened to post some tips, this past week. If you're having some problems, you might want to read her post. If your particular issue wasn't addressed, please leave us a comment. Or e-mail us!

This week, our goal is another "bunny block." Rows 25-45. I'm pretty excited to see this block. I want to know how the bunnies are going to look. Together. Going in opposite directions.

I had a few issues this week. My issues were more because, I didn't like the way my work was looking. So I experimented, with different sized crochet hooks. But now, things are moving along nicely.

I also didn't have much time to crochet this week. I'm 4 rows short, of last week's goal. Mostly because, I'm trying to get my kids' birthday parties together. Oh, and I've been working. Since midweek. So I haven't had much time to just crochet. I hope to remedy that, this week. Tomorrow night, I look forward to some uninterrupted crocheting time.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Have you ever caught a movie, and just fell in LOVE with it? How about watching it, with your kids? Yes, my kids and I, happened to find Beauty and the Beast, on TV. Not the Disney movie. But this movie.

Unfortunately, we found it, halfway through. And I haven't been able, to find it, on TV again. So I went looking for the movie. To buy it. And can't find it either! Very sad. Because my girls just loved it! Have you seen it anywhere? Online? In stores. I really wish I could find it. Because honestly, it was a good movie! And I'd like to watch the entire movie.


Friday, March 9, 2012

New in 2012: Garden in the Shade

When I first moved in, with my husband, he lived in a small house. On this property. It was run down. He actually, only lived, in 3 rooms. But Billy had started plans, for a larger home. We'd only been dating a short time. As in about 6 weeks. We met in May, and were married in September! Things moved fast.

So our home, was a blank slate. All except a few trees. 6 HUGE weeping willows, create a nicely shaded area, in our backyard. They actually keep, our porch, nice and shading. We have a big "Southern Style" porch. Usually, they wrap around the entire house. But in our case, only halfway around. The shade, is very welcome, in the summer! We live in the desert southwest. And we can see 60+ days a year, of triple digits! Those trees, we love them!

Except for one thing, we can't grow anything under their shade. NOTHING! The grass is even beginning to die off. With our 3 outdoor loving kids, this is not good! So I asked my friend for some advice. Because I really want a beautiful, shaded oasis. Like her backyard! Something like this.

What did I learn? We need to buy grass seed, for shaded areas. I didn't even know, that this was available. And Cari gave me a list, of plants and flowers, that do well in the shade. Oh, I was so excited! Then one night, Lola and I were talking. And she sent me this link. Oh boy! It made my day!

Lola actually bought this set. A few years ago. And this was her secret. All along! I had no clue. But she has 2 large pecan trees, that pretty much shade her entire front yard, all day long!

As I hear it, she had a gorgeous lawn. Until those 2 trees, got HUGE! Then she looked for a solution, to her dying grass. The obvious, she had her trees trimmed. But as they matured, she had the same issue. All the grass, surrounding the trees, was dying.

That's when Lola bought 2 of these sets. And planted the bulbs, around the tree trunks. It added a lot of depth, and color to her yard. Not to mention, curb appeal! And I just LOVE all the flowers! :)

Over the years, she's added many other plants and flowers. Many that Cari suggested. And that I've found, easily in our local nurseries. But I think, this is a good start for me.

Until now, I've gone out, and bought large planters. And every year, I've planted flowers in them. Things that you can find at Lowe's, Wal-Mart, or the local nursery. But they die quickly. I know now, it's because they needed more sun. And the constant moving of the planters, wasn't helping. Either my plants were in the shade, or in direct desert sun. Now I know!

Anyway, I ordered 4 of these sets. I hear that all these plants and flowers, should come back, year after year. So I was OK, with the investment. Sunday, Billy and I planned and dug, our way, through our shade. Because our trees sort of border our grassed backyard, it made it easy. We planned out the planting. Along the porch, around trees, and even along the tree line. On the backside. When these plants mature, it should look nice. Until then, we need to remember where we planted things. I'd HATE to mow down our plants!

I spent most of Monday and Tuesday mornings, planting. That would be 100 bulbs! In case you didn't notice this. I've been watering the area. And watching. I know, it's been less than a week. But I'm anxious!

And on top of that, I went to the local nursery. And bought a few plants. For our planters. Shade loving plants. They added a little color, to our seating area. I'm hoping that by Summer, we'll have some nice color. Oh, I'm so excited! Can I call myself a gardener yet? This is the first time, I've planted something from a seed, or bulb. And honestly, it wasn't that bad!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

MAC Creates Crazy!

I don't usually talk about MAC's makeup collections. Honestly, it makes me mad, that they come and go, almost every 2 weeks! I don't know anyone, that can afford that. The collections usually consist of $600-1000 worth of makeup. That is sold, for a very limited amount of time. With a limited quantity. Leading to craziness!

In fact, I try to not talk too much about them. Even in "real life." But I will admit, that I do enjoy products, from the various collections. I know! But it's the truth.

The problem with these collections is, I fall in love with a certain product. Then I'm not sure, if I should use the product. Or save it. When I finish a "Limited Edition" product, I'm usually sad. I've more than likely, looked for a "dupe." Usually, with no luck. Because, that's what MAC does. Create craziness!

But in the latest collection, Too Supreme, there are some beautiful lipsticks. That are going to be a permanent part, of MAC's collection! Oh yes! That sparked my interests.

Last week, I took my twins on an adventure. To the mall. Over 90 minutes away. So I could drool, over these new lipsticks! They're actually called Sheen Supreme Lipsticks. And the finish, is beautiful! It gives a similar finish, to MAC's Lipglass.

These lipsticks, sell for $14.50 a piece. Don't have a heart attack! I'm sure if my Mom, or MIL, are reading this, they're about to fall over! This is a good deal. As good as "high-end makeup" goes. Because these lipsticks, are almost like a 2-in-1 product. Lipstick, and lipglass. That takes the price, in my head anyway, down a bit. Oh, and this is not even close, to the most expensive lipstick I own. Mom and MIL, pretend like you didn't read that! :)

I've been wearing these lipsticks, since I bought them. Every day! There are some absolutely beautiful colors! I'm not going to lie, I came home with a few. And plain on picking up, a couple of more colors. On my next visit. Now if MAC could only do this, with some of their other products, I'd be a happy woman!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fast Food...

I've blogged many times, about Lauren's Little Pink Playhouse. To date, it's the best money, that Billy and I, have ever spent on a toy. No lie!

Anytime that Lauren has some money, she wants to buy something for her playhouse. When anyone asks Lauren, what she wants for Christmas, or her birthday, she asks for something for her playhouse. Lucky us, T-Lo always sends something fun!

I can't lie. The other night, I couldn't sleep. So I logged on to our computer, and started "Blog Hopping." :) Not only did I find a fun, and new blog...I found this fun pattern!

In our house, we make pancakes once a week. And on special birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. This was a "no brainer" to me. I printed off this pattern. Looked through my yarn. And tonight, I'm going to start working on it.

This is going to be one of Lauren's birthday presents. :) I just wish that I could find some other quick, and easy patterns. Because I know that she will enjoy some new toys, for her playhouse. I don't mind buying the patterns either. So if you have some ideas, please leave me a comment. I'm always looking for new ideas, patterns, Etsy shops, etc.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Cute!

In the last few months, so many people we know, have welcomed a new little one. It's such a blessing! In the next few months, we know of a handful of babies, who will also be born. I'm telling you, this is such a joy!

I've wanted to branch out. And make a few gifts. Something made with love. I've made a few things for our nephew. And our friends' little girl. But I'd like to make a few more gifts. For some upcoming Baby Showers, that I'm invited to.

I'm not the fastest crocheter. Nor the best. But I try. I have a few projects that I'm working on, for my own kids. So I was looking for something simple. But cute. And I found just that, in this pattern!

I'm seeking some help from Lola. I want to make the hat for newborns. And well, Lola has been at this, a lot longer than me! I want to have 3 or 4 done, by May. Fingers crossed. I can get this done! Because this hat, is seriously cute! I wonder if Abby would like one too...


Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Amandas

I'm pretty sure, this is my new favorite show! No lie. I first heard about it, from Lola. And you know what, Amanda reminds me a lot of Lola. :) It's not a bad thing.

In fact, whenever I'm having a "organization dilemma," I call Lola. I'm not going to lie about this. But I've been known, to bribe my friend, with a free haircut, manicure, or even a pair of shoes! Because she makes magic, out the ordinary things, in life. Yes, she does!

This is such great show. And I think you should watch it! If nothing else, the transformations are AMAZING! I'm getting tons of ideas. :) Yes, I do like to see a beautiful room. And Amanda makes some beautiful spaces. Not to mention, I like her name! :)


Crochet Along: Week 2

And we begin! Week 2 of our Crochet Along, is were we start crocheting! For this week, our goal is to begin our blanket. And to get to row 24. This will complete the first "bunny block."

Remember, if you are having problems, feel free to leave me or Lola a comment. Or send us an email. We're here to help. As much as we can! Everyone encounters a problem, from time to time. And we'd love to help out, wherever we can.

As for me, we're just starting Week 2, and I already had a problem. A sorta major one. But I called up Lola. Who helped me out. You see, before we decided on a pattern, for this Crochet Along, there was a big sale. On yarn! The sale ended over 3 weeks ago. I figured the stores would have restocked by now. No luck! That's what I get, for living in a small town!

I went to Wal-Mart too. But between 2 crafts stores, and 2 Wal-Marts, I couldn't find enough of one color. :( Like I said, I called Lola. Who gave me this idea. Since I'm making this blanket for a Baby Shower present, why not use baby yarn? I ended up buying 2 big skeins of Bernat's Baby Sport. In the baby yellow. The skeins are 10.5 oz. And under $5 at Wal-Mart. Lola insisted, that I'd have more than enough with 1. She makes a similar blanket, that is larger, with 1 skein. Because it has to do with yardage, not weight. But I bought 2. Just in case!

Along with using Baby Sport, I'm going to use a G hook. Lola said this is essential, because of the weight of the yarn. It will make for a "neater" looking blanket. I might make some modifications to the pattern as well. Depending on how large the blanket is. Maybe add one "bunny block," in both directions. Again, I'll probably consult Lola. So if you are considering what I'm doing, and want me to post the modifications, let me know.

See, I told you that we all have problems from time to time. That's what this Crochet Along is all about. Helping each other out. Getting ideas from each other. And in the end, having a blanket to be proud of.

Personally, my goal for this week, is to try and get 5 rows done, a night. Because I know better. The weekends are tough for me. I like to spend time with my family. And there is usually little, to no time for crocheting. How are you doing so far?


Friday, March 2, 2012

New in 2012: The Twins Ride a Horse...

Before, I sound utterly insane, let me share, some important things with you. I married a cowboy. A genuine cowboy. That once rode bulls. It got him through college. And for a while, Billy did this for a living. I KNOW! This is INSANE!

But I still LOVE my hubby so much! And I'm so grateful, that by the time we met, he had gone on, to a much safer job. :) He still rides, from time to time. With his buddies, or brother. And it still makes me nervous, as heck! But I'm grateful, that he understands, his health is much more important to me. And our kids.

Well, it must be in the genes. Lauren picked up Mutton Busting. When she was just over 2 years old! It's stressed me out! Since that very first day. But I'm Momma. And I must let her little wings, learn how to fly. I know. Within reason. But in a "Cowboy Family," these are just "normal" things. Normal things, that make my heart beat faster, than normal!

Animals, are no stranger to my kiddos. Not at all! Not when your husband, and in-laws, sell cattle and livestock. Not when you own horses, chickens, sheep, cows, ducks, pigs, and just about any other farm animal, that you can think of!

I bet you never saw that coming! Not from this makeup loving girl. But it's the truth. I grew up in a mountain community. One that would liven up, in the winter. When all these skiers would come to town. Me? I was much more interested in makeup, clothing, and jewelry. I left my family, for the "Big City." And I began my "Beauty Adventures."

I went Beauty School. Where my days were all about makeup, hair, and beauty. Every day, was about the latest trends, and fashion. I was very comfortable with that. But it all changed. That day, when I was working, and spotted Billy.

Literally, weeks later, I was moving to the small town. Where we currently live. And I was learning how to ride a horse. To be honest, I'd ride with my husband. As in, I'd sit right in front of Billy, on the same horse. Until, our daughter started riding. That was years later. But it took me, that long, to get the guts to ride alone.

Yes, my young daughter, has always been comfortable with horses. Billy would take her riding, when she was months old. One of his favorite pictures, is when Lauren was 6 months old. He took her for a ride. On a horse. And I sat and cried. On our porch, the entire time!

It shouldn't have surprised me, when Billy came home, with a pony. My daughter was 18 months old. And I immediately, began to stress out. Billy promised, to wait a while. Little did I know, days later, she begged. Begged to ride her pony. And Billy gave in!

From that point on, my daughter has been on her pony. With a helmet. And for months, her Daddy, would hold onto her. Making sure, that she wouldn't fall off. What I didn't know, was Lauren would love it. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

When she was 2, she started Mutton Busting. And darn it, she was good at it! Really good. As in, she won 8 out of 8 competitions, before she was 3! And when she turned 3, she was teaching her pony, how to jump.

Yes, my daughter dances. She LOVES being a ballerina. But her "Cowboy" roots, still pull at her. And she continues to jump, and Mutton Bust. Oh, I'm so worried, about our future. I'm just glad, that girls don't ride bulls. Because I might just die!

Well, right before Valentine's Day, we went to a local Rodeo. Not our first. I'm pretty sure, not our last. Lauren was going to be competing. And we were going to watch some friends. I did not realize, that my twins, would all of a sudden, fall in love, with those horses!

Oh yes! February 11th, changed my life. When my twins would yearn for those horses. Billy and I talked about it. But I just wasn't sure. Why? Why must they want, to do dangerous things? Why can't they stay babies?

Well, Billy and some friends, went to pick up some ponies. 2 to be exact. And we let the twins, get used to them. Petting them. Talking to them. That sort of thing. Which honestly, they're already used to!

The original plan, was to wait until their birthday. I wanted them, to at least be 2. But things don't always work that way. And this week, my heart literally stopped. As our twins took their first rides.

Oh brother! I might die an early death. No lie! But they were so excited! I've NEVER seen bigger smiles. Yes, there were helmets involved. Daddy holding onto Robbie. J making sure Abby didn't fall. They had a blast! Were on horses for 2 hours!

I know. My kids must grow. I NEED to let them grow. To grow their little wings, and fly. Just a bit. But it still worries me. Still makes my heart stop. And makes me say many more prayers.

This week, my twins, looked more like "kids." Less like "babies." I let them do "Big Kid" stuff. And they loved it! Yes, this week, they rode horses. Ponies actually. But you know what I mean.

Don't think we're bad parents. We're not. But we are "Cowboys." And this is how "We Roll!" Believe me, I still stress out! My kids are still not allowed to date, until they are 16. They can't drive until 16 either. Sleepovers, dances, and the such...I'm thinking about that age too. There are just certain things, this Momma refuses to budge on. But I will let them, ride a horse! :)


Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I recently got this beautiful e-mail. From Lola. Very inspiring. Thanking many of her friends. She's had a tough battle. I know, personally, that it has meant a lot to her. That her friends have stuck behind her. Honestly, I couldn't imagine, not being here for her. Lola not only has a heart of pure gold. But she is the glue, that holds us all together!

Her words definitely choked me up. In fact, Billy cried as well. It was so touching. It's things like this, that make you realize, just how important friends are. Touching things like this, also let you know, what kind of friends you have.

I have to say this much, we have AMAZING friends. Friends that come together, when times get tough. I've never seen people, rally together, the way our friends do. Plain and simple. God has really blessed us.

Along those lines, Lola included this picture. That just made me think. If you never chase after your dreams, they'll never come true. If you never fight, the fight, you'll always lose the battle. And it got me thinking about her situation.

Life has not been kind. She's fought the battle with cancer. Never wavered. Never given up. Bumps along the way, have happened. In fact, literal road blocks. But she's always pushed forward. Looked for a different way, when something didn't work. What an inspiration!

It means a lot, to be Lola's friend. To watch her fight, the fight. To watch her, be the strong woman, that she is. To continue to grow. And be this loving woman. To all that she meets. It makes me realize, that I have so much room, for personal growth. A place where God can share his grace, with me.

Recently, I've just struggled with life. But I know that I'm lucky. I have an AMAZING husband. 3 beautiful and healthy children. We have a home, food, faith, love, and our health. We are lucky. But I know, that my work with God, is not over. I must pray more. Find more time to reflect. And ask God, to share his grace, with me. I know, that he sent us Lola, to teach us these precious gifts. I know that!