Thursday, March 8, 2012

MAC Creates Crazy!

I don't usually talk about MAC's makeup collections. Honestly, it makes me mad, that they come and go, almost every 2 weeks! I don't know anyone, that can afford that. The collections usually consist of $600-1000 worth of makeup. That is sold, for a very limited amount of time. With a limited quantity. Leading to craziness!

In fact, I try to not talk too much about them. Even in "real life." But I will admit, that I do enjoy products, from the various collections. I know! But it's the truth.

The problem with these collections is, I fall in love with a certain product. Then I'm not sure, if I should use the product. Or save it. When I finish a "Limited Edition" product, I'm usually sad. I've more than likely, looked for a "dupe." Usually, with no luck. Because, that's what MAC does. Create craziness!

But in the latest collection, Too Supreme, there are some beautiful lipsticks. That are going to be a permanent part, of MAC's collection! Oh yes! That sparked my interests.

Last week, I took my twins on an adventure. To the mall. Over 90 minutes away. So I could drool, over these new lipsticks! They're actually called Sheen Supreme Lipsticks. And the finish, is beautiful! It gives a similar finish, to MAC's Lipglass.

These lipsticks, sell for $14.50 a piece. Don't have a heart attack! I'm sure if my Mom, or MIL, are reading this, they're about to fall over! This is a good deal. As good as "high-end makeup" goes. Because these lipsticks, are almost like a 2-in-1 product. Lipstick, and lipglass. That takes the price, in my head anyway, down a bit. Oh, and this is not even close, to the most expensive lipstick I own. Mom and MIL, pretend like you didn't read that! :)

I've been wearing these lipsticks, since I bought them. Every day! There are some absolutely beautiful colors! I'm not going to lie, I came home with a few. And plain on picking up, a couple of more colors. On my next visit. Now if MAC could only do this, with some of their other products, I'd be a happy woman!


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