Friday, March 2, 2012

New in 2012: The Twins Ride a Horse...

Before, I sound utterly insane, let me share, some important things with you. I married a cowboy. A genuine cowboy. That once rode bulls. It got him through college. And for a while, Billy did this for a living. I KNOW! This is INSANE!

But I still LOVE my hubby so much! And I'm so grateful, that by the time we met, he had gone on, to a much safer job. :) He still rides, from time to time. With his buddies, or brother. And it still makes me nervous, as heck! But I'm grateful, that he understands, his health is much more important to me. And our kids.

Well, it must be in the genes. Lauren picked up Mutton Busting. When she was just over 2 years old! It's stressed me out! Since that very first day. But I'm Momma. And I must let her little wings, learn how to fly. I know. Within reason. But in a "Cowboy Family," these are just "normal" things. Normal things, that make my heart beat faster, than normal!

Animals, are no stranger to my kiddos. Not at all! Not when your husband, and in-laws, sell cattle and livestock. Not when you own horses, chickens, sheep, cows, ducks, pigs, and just about any other farm animal, that you can think of!

I bet you never saw that coming! Not from this makeup loving girl. But it's the truth. I grew up in a mountain community. One that would liven up, in the winter. When all these skiers would come to town. Me? I was much more interested in makeup, clothing, and jewelry. I left my family, for the "Big City." And I began my "Beauty Adventures."

I went Beauty School. Where my days were all about makeup, hair, and beauty. Every day, was about the latest trends, and fashion. I was very comfortable with that. But it all changed. That day, when I was working, and spotted Billy.

Literally, weeks later, I was moving to the small town. Where we currently live. And I was learning how to ride a horse. To be honest, I'd ride with my husband. As in, I'd sit right in front of Billy, on the same horse. Until, our daughter started riding. That was years later. But it took me, that long, to get the guts to ride alone.

Yes, my young daughter, has always been comfortable with horses. Billy would take her riding, when she was months old. One of his favorite pictures, is when Lauren was 6 months old. He took her for a ride. On a horse. And I sat and cried. On our porch, the entire time!

It shouldn't have surprised me, when Billy came home, with a pony. My daughter was 18 months old. And I immediately, began to stress out. Billy promised, to wait a while. Little did I know, days later, she begged. Begged to ride her pony. And Billy gave in!

From that point on, my daughter has been on her pony. With a helmet. And for months, her Daddy, would hold onto her. Making sure, that she wouldn't fall off. What I didn't know, was Lauren would love it. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

When she was 2, she started Mutton Busting. And darn it, she was good at it! Really good. As in, she won 8 out of 8 competitions, before she was 3! And when she turned 3, she was teaching her pony, how to jump.

Yes, my daughter dances. She LOVES being a ballerina. But her "Cowboy" roots, still pull at her. And she continues to jump, and Mutton Bust. Oh, I'm so worried, about our future. I'm just glad, that girls don't ride bulls. Because I might just die!

Well, right before Valentine's Day, we went to a local Rodeo. Not our first. I'm pretty sure, not our last. Lauren was going to be competing. And we were going to watch some friends. I did not realize, that my twins, would all of a sudden, fall in love, with those horses!

Oh yes! February 11th, changed my life. When my twins would yearn for those horses. Billy and I talked about it. But I just wasn't sure. Why? Why must they want, to do dangerous things? Why can't they stay babies?

Well, Billy and some friends, went to pick up some ponies. 2 to be exact. And we let the twins, get used to them. Petting them. Talking to them. That sort of thing. Which honestly, they're already used to!

The original plan, was to wait until their birthday. I wanted them, to at least be 2. But things don't always work that way. And this week, my heart literally stopped. As our twins took their first rides.

Oh brother! I might die an early death. No lie! But they were so excited! I've NEVER seen bigger smiles. Yes, there were helmets involved. Daddy holding onto Robbie. J making sure Abby didn't fall. They had a blast! Were on horses for 2 hours!

I know. My kids must grow. I NEED to let them grow. To grow their little wings, and fly. Just a bit. But it still worries me. Still makes my heart stop. And makes me say many more prayers.

This week, my twins, looked more like "kids." Less like "babies." I let them do "Big Kid" stuff. And they loved it! Yes, this week, they rode horses. Ponies actually. But you know what I mean.

Don't think we're bad parents. We're not. But we are "Cowboys." And this is how "We Roll!" Believe me, I still stress out! My kids are still not allowed to date, until they are 16. They can't drive until 16 either. Sleepovers, dances, and the such...I'm thinking about that age too. There are just certain things, this Momma refuses to budge on. But I will let them, ride a horse! :)


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