Monday, March 19, 2012

Bedroom Ideas

With our "Big Girl," turning 5 yesterday, we've been wanting to do something. Something special! Lauren has pretty much, had the same room, for 5 years. It's beautiful! Lola designed it for us. Sewed everything! Cari painted beautiful murals.

But Lauren is 5 years old. And we think, it's about time, that she got a "Big Girl" room. Something more special. More Lauren. So we talked to Joe. A good friend of ours. Who is also a very talented carpenter! And Lola. A very talented designer, and organizer! We've decided, to give Lauren, a new bedroom.

So I've done a little research. A little digging around. With Lauren a bit. And a bit on my own. And this, is what we've come up with, so far.

Maybe something "Fairy Tale" inspired! Believe it or not, Billy and Joe found this. Lauren LOVES it! And from what Joe told us, this is very doable!

How about a Cinderella carriage? Maybe a little over the top for us! But this definitely reminded me of Sarita!

How about this? Much more Lauren's style! But honestly, would my daughter, ever get rest? Would she sleep? Or would she want to play all night?

This is the same idea, but I think is a little more "sleep friendly." A place that Lauren, could actually sleep! But still have some fun in. :)

Or should we go with something more "Grown Up?" Something that Lauren can "grow into." That say, in 5 or 10 years, she can still use.

So many decisions! But our Big Girl deserves it! We might not know, what the details are. What "theme" we will go with. But Lauren did tell me, it's definitely going to be pink! Oh sweet girl! I wouldn't have thought differently. This from the girl, who dreamt of pink Christmas trees!

What do you think? Are we crazy? Do you have any ideas? I do know, it's not going to be as detailed, as Miss Emma's Snow White room. But it will be something special. Just for Lauren!


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