Friday, March 23, 2012

New in 2012: Easter Shapes Bows

Recently, I've been searching on Etsy a lot! Because I had a lot of shopping, for my kiddos' birthdays to do. :) That's when I came across something very fun! And I just had to have them. For my girls! But the shop is on "vacation." And I didn't know of a way to get in touch with the seller....

Just look at this cute bunny hair clip. Perfect for Easter! Perfect for my girls. Heck, I would even wear it. :)

And this chickie. Oh, she is cute! Abby absolutely fell IN LOVE with it! So much, she even told J. :)

Well, I couldn't find the seller. I googled lots of things. That's when I found the blog, to go with the shop! I was so excited! I also found something fun....

A tutorial for this egg clip. :) Oh yes, I did! I've never worked with ribbon. Honestly, I'm one of those people, that get suckered into paying $12-15 a bow. It's crazy!

I once bought a tutorial set, on eBay. For bow making. There were 3 or 4 booklets, full of tutorials. Great tutorials! I bought them, while I was pregnant with Lauren. And I NEVER made one!

I half heartily tried to make one. But I got frustrated. It probably wasn't wise, to make the bows outside. On a pretty breezy day. I'm just saying, it wasn't a good mix. Then, I'd go shopping with my MIL and SIL, and they'd just buy a bunch of bows. Lauren was well stocked. With genuine Texas sized bows!

When we came back, Lauren was just weeks old. I started buying the bows online. And in little shops. I never attempted bow making again. It's sad, but true. Later, when Abby was born, Lauren had plenty to share! And my love of Etsy provided the rest! :)

Well, when I saw this tutorial, I just had to try it. I bought a bunch of ribbon. Way more than I'd need. :) And one of those nifty tools, that Kyla used. And I sort of prayed, that the Funky Polka Dot Giraffe would open. And soon!

But it didn't. So on Tuesday night, after our kiddos were in bed, I started. And it didn't take too long. I'm sure, my 2 bows in 1 hour, is way longer than most. But they were my 1st 2 bows. By the end of the news, I had a bow for each of my daughters. I was so excited!

Billy encouraged me. He told me, "I bet you could make those other 2. They don't look much different from that egg. Ya know what I mean?" I did. Basically, the chick has a head a wings, plus that egg that I already made. And the bunny is just a head with big ears, and that same egg.

Last night, I sat down again. And in 90 minutes, I made 2 bunnies, and 2 chicks. :) I was over the moon, in excitement! Lauren and Abby wore their chicks today. And Lauren asked me, to make one for Maribel. Her BFF! Let's just say, my daughters were so happy! And they now think, I can hang the moon.

This was one fun experience. And I honestly can't wait, to make more creations. :) I even dug out those old tutorials, that I had bought. I have a feeling, that I'll be buying much more ribbon, in my near future. Especially, since my daughters like their bows. I'm really glad, that I took a second chance at bow making!


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