Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh So Innocent!

Early this week, Lauren and I, ran into Walgreen's. Billy was home with the twins. And he called me, to ask me, to pick up a few things. Right after Lauren's dance practice, we stopped. The lines were crazy! And these are the times, when I'm grateful for my kids. My easy going, don't throw tantrum kids. :)

Eventually, they opened the register, in the Beauty section. And we headed that way. Lauren had been a doll! Carrying a card we picked up, some cough drops, and a pack of chapstick. The girl, didn't even ask for anything!

This Mommy, was feeling oh so guilty! You see, I was carry milk, bandaids, some chocolate for Billy, and 4 magazines. Of that stuff, only the first 3 were on our list. So I told Lauren, to pick something out. We had 2 people in front of us. So I wasn't worried.

What I hadn't noticed was, Lauren was eyeing the nail polish stash. All the gorgeous colors, lined up. Immediately, she went for this green nail polish.

Her reasoning, it was perfect for St. Patty's Day! Because she has to dance that day. And won't be wearing green the whole time. I think Lauren's worried about getting pinched. So we bought the nail polish. Mommy might have also picked up a new lipstick. :)

What I will say is, my girls LOVE nail polish. We actually have weekly "nail painting" nights! This week, we all went for "Innocent" nails.

2 things about this nail polish. I LOVE the color. It's not a crazy neon. But a nice, bright green. I also love the consistency of the polish. It's really easy to work with. Even with 2 little girls. 2 coats later, we were ready for St. Patty's Day! Between, that was 3 days ago. And there is no signs of chips! Best $2 nail polish, that I know of!

On a quick note, Happy Birthday Cari! We can't wait to celebrate with you. How exciting this day is. The beginning of you, becoming a real "woman." Happy 13th!


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