Friday, March 16, 2012

New in 2012: Our Kids and Opera

The Phantom of the Opera came out Sunday night. The 25th Anniversary of, The Phantom of the Opera. But we were gone working. Before we left, I set our DVR, and recorded it. Knowing that when we got back, I'd watch it over a few nights. After the kids were asleep.

What surprised me was, Billy wanted to watch it. And so did our kids! It happened on Tuesday. I was looking, for a show for the twins. We were getting Lauren ready. And it showed up on the list. Lauren asked about it. And seemed really interested in it. So we agreed, Wednesday, we'd watch it. Together.

I was a little skeptical of our plans. I can't lie. At worst, I thought, I'd watch it later that night. On Wednesday, as the twins napped, I prepared. I got out the new things I'd bought. To entertain my kids. New coloring books, crayons, small games, that kind of thing. Between, I just went to the Dollar Tree, for all of that!

Then I baked some cookies, made sure dinner was coming along in the slow cooker, and looked for snacks. I set up our den, to be "movie ready." But I was still not sure.

By the time I picked up Lauren, and Billy got home, I highly doubted, my kids would sit through this show. And boy was I shocked!

Not only did they sit through it, but they were mesmerized! Didn't make too much noise. Didn't touch all the toys. Just sat there and watched. Honestly, the 5 of us, cuddled on the couch. Almost the entire time. Eyes wide open. Taking in the entire show!

I was shocked. I didn't think my kids, would really be into this show. I didn't think, that almost 2 year olds, would find it interesting. But there was something, for everyone.

I'm positive, that Robbie enjoyed all the "special effects." Which definitely added to the show. Lauren and Abby, were both, really interested in the dancing. Especially, in the beginning. Billy was really into the music. I thoroughly enjoyed the makeup and costumes!

I really thought, that the content, would be a bit much. But the "death scenes," happened quickly. And you didn't really notice, if you weren't really paying attention. Which, my kids were not watching, that closely. When we knew someone would die, we'd distract them. And it was over in a few seconds.

My favorite part of the show, was the encore. At the end. When the older cast, performed. Quite emotional. I will say this, I'm glad that I had recorded it. Because the local channel, was using this, to "collect pledges." It was nice to skip all of that!

This was an interesting experiment. This morning, Lauren asked me, when we could watch another show like that. Interesting. Maybe we can find a "Children's Opera," to take them to. I think that would be a lot of fun.

In case you are interested in seeing the Phantom of the Opera, I'd check PBS. Here's a little clip of the show. And you can definitely check your local listings. Maybe you can catch it this weekend.. It's worth the few hours.


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