Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Train

A while back, Lola was telling me about this AMAZING train! That is just a few hours away. And they specialize, in a "Child's Ride." On this, real train. An old fashioned train! Lola and this guy, went on the "Adult version," of the train ride. Back in October. And they loved it!

So I did some research. The train runs from the late Spring, well into Fall. And it sounds like a great idea! The regular ride, is an all day adventure. But the "Kid Version," is just an afternoon. After talking with Billy, we made reservations. I'm positive, that the kids are going to love it!

Between, we're going to stay in a cute, mountain town. For a couple of days. And our friends, Sals and David, are also going on the train! I'm not sure, when they booked their trip. But I sorta hope, that we're all going, at the same time. I think it would be so much fun! 8 kids, and 4 adults. On an open car train. In the mountains. I'm already so excited!

And honestly, I can't wait to see Robbie, on the train. I feel like, so much of the time, he gets stuck doing "Girl Things." Because he has 2 big sisters. And much of the time, we're doing things, that Lauren enjoys. This is definitely, a much more "Boy Oriented" activity. But something, that I'm positive, all of us will enjoy! We've already started counting down...we go in June!


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