Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adorable Dolls

Do you remember last week, when I blogged about this hat? Super cute! Well, I decided to explore Think Crafty Thoughts some more. :) It's such a fun blog! And has so many great patterns. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who crochets. :)

I decided to sit down the other night, and really go through all the patterns. That's when I found this great pattern. For these dolls. They remind me of "Nesting Dolls." Lauren has a set of "Nesting Dolls," that my mom made her. They're wooden, and my mom painted them. They were the best present, for my then 2 year old daughter. :) She still plays with them. Almost 3 years later!

So this pattern, really got my attention. Lauren just loves those dolls! And I wish that I had found this pattern a few weeks ago. I would have LOVED to have made these for Lauren's birthday. But that is just a week away!

But I couldn't get these dolls out of my head. Does that ever happen to you? I visited this post, at least 10 times. Then I decided to print it out. I'm 99% positive, that I have all the supplies. And if I start them today, I might have them done, by Easter. I think this would be an adorable addition to her Easter Basket!

Now to just find some time. Being a mommy of 3, time is always a precious commodity. Especially, when you are trying to create some "surprises." But I'm hopeful. And I really do think, I can get all these things done, before the big days ahead!


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