Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teen Mom

Can I admit something? I'm a Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant junkie. It's a little sad. But I really look forward to Tuesday nights. Just so I can watch these shows. sadly, I'm already missing Teen Mom...

I'm not sure why I like the show so much? I think it's because of Macy. She really does seem to have it together. I think that Amber could use some help. I honestly feel like she's just lacking confidence.

As far as Farrah and Catelynn, I've really grown to like them this season. You just got to see so much more about the real women that they are. I'm looking forward to next season.

I just feel like the girls are growing up. And they're taking responsibility for their actions. I really do hope that Amber can get better. She breaks my heart. I just want to give her a hug and tell her that one day, it will be better.

Until then, I'm going to watch 16 and Pregnant. I'm not as into that show. But you never know what these new girls are going to be like. I know, I need to stop watching these crazy shows. But at the end of the day, I need some mindless TV to keep me sane.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bunting Doll

What a great pattern! It's free from Free Crochet! Lauren was so excited when I showed her this crochet pattern. Now I just need to learn how to crochet. :) My little girl has already asked for a pink doll, a purple doll, and a "surprise" doll. It's a good thing Abby can't talk yet!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Date with Lauren

I have to admit it. I'm very lucky. Our family is very lucky. We have some amazing people that love us a lot! How much? Enough to travel with us! By that I mean that both my parents and my in-laws having been traveling with us.

We're on our 2nd week of work. I haven't worked full time since Billy and I got married. I've really only done Lola's gigs. Stuff with the BBs mostly. To be honest, the band is really been slowing down for the last few years. All the guys are getting married and starting families. To be completely honest, this was just a hobby for them.

But they are so good! And every year, there are a number of gigs that they have contracts for. Without trying. They just land these big shows. And we travel. It wasn't so bad before. When we just had Lauren. But add into the mix, our twins, and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle all of this.

Then my parents and my in-laws offered to come with us. My parents had such a fun time last week! Really spoiling my kids. And this week, they're sharing their grandkids with my in-laws. Allowing Billy and I to work. Is it still hard? Yes, very much so. Because I'm still breastfeeding the twins. The gigs are a little crazy and spread out. And most nights, we're working from 4pm-3am. It's a long night!

But we have an amazing support system. And to get the chance to be creative a couple of times a year, it's honestly a blessing! So we embrace it. And the kids love being with their grandparents!

But tonight, I had some time off. And I wanted to take Lauren out. We got all dressed up. I curled her hair. And she even asked for lipgloss. Which I was so happy to give her! We started off with manicure/pedicures. Let me tell you, my daughter was over the moon to have her little feet soaking, while her fingernails were being painted pink!

We went out to dinner. Thanks to our amazing bosses, we got to go to a very fancy restaurant. Lauren was so excited to have such a fancy dinner. With a big girl drink...a Shirley Temple. She just loved the cherry! We even split a molten chocolate cake with ice cream. Just thinking about it, makes me so happy!

And we wouldn't be girls if we didn't do some shopping. My little girl is finally starting to grow a bit. So we bought some fun new clothes. She modeled them for me when I took her to try them on. And we laughed so much.

It was such a blessing to spend so much time with Lauren. Since the twins were born, I've felt a little guilty. Because it used to be just me and Lauren. But she loves her brother and sister so much. I know that she is happy. I just need to remember to plan more of these evenings.

As we were driving back, she cuddled into me. And told me that she loves me to the moon and back! The whole way, she held tightly to my hand. And as I put Lauren to bed, she told me this was the bestest day ever! I feel the same way. Love you big girl!

~Mommy Manders

Cute Teddy Bear

I'm telling you, I'm collecting a nice bunch of crochet patterns. Mrs. S post them pretty frequently on her blog. And I've been checking Free Crochet pretty regularly. They have a free crochet pattern every day.

This little bear is cute. I know it's really different. But it reminds me of a bear that I had when I was little. Our neighbor made it for me. I'm sure my mom still has it at home. I thought this would be cute to try. Who knows, I might get good enough to make one for a future niece or nephew.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Seal

Mrs. S had this pattern posted today. It's so cute! I never thought of myself as a "crafter." But I really want to learn how to crochet. Every day that passes, each new pattern that I see, it just makes me want to crochet more. Look at this little seal! It's so cute!



I was very excited, when I read about a giveaway, on Lola's blog. I didn't think I'd win, but I figured I'd give it a try. You never know what will happen. Right? So I went to this certain blog, and read all the rules. I started to go through these steps, including "following" that blog and the sponsor's blog.

I did all of this because I was excited about the giveaway prizes. You had the chance of winning a $25 credit to Love Stitched. Just look at these pretty pieces.

This necklace immediately caught my eye!

And this headband. I really like it. Not too childish. But something I'd add to an easy updo. To just add a bit of elegance and whimsy.

Because I was working, I was doing this in steps. I "followed" both blogs, looked in the shop for my favorite items, and I was getting ready to blog about the giveaway. I had a few minutes before Lola made the switch from the LBs to the BBs. You know, when I have to work.

As I was going to go write a post, I noticed something in my "Reading List." The giveaway winner was already posted. Some 3 hours before the giveaway was over. I re-read the giveaway post. No, it said that you had until 11:59pm EST. It was only after 9pm EST.

I was a little sad. Because I wanted a chance to enter. But I wasn't going to waste my time. Obviously, the blog owner had decided to end this giveaway early. I was most sadden by the fact ,that she was still accepting "entries" in the form of comments. I know this, because she had to OK the comments.

I don't hold this lovely shop at fault. Honestly, they have some beautiful items. I'm already putting together a list of things that I'm going to purchase. This was a giveaway that was being done on another blog. What do you think of the situation? I know it's a giveaway. And it's something, that someone else, is doing for hundreds of blog readers. But what happened to a fair playing field?

I'm just wondering about the integrity of this blog, that I had been reading for a few months. I'm no longer following it. Because I just don't know if the blog author is credible. Not just because of this one post. But I went through other posts. For pretty much all of the giveaways, done on that blog, the "Giveaway Winner Post" is a "scheduled post." Not sure what that has to say about this person. Being that all of these posts where written and "scheduled" while the giveaways were still open.

Hmm, I don't know what to think. But again, I don't blame the shop. The shop owner had nothing to do with the way the giveaway was being run. Like all the previous sponsors. I guess it just makes me question some of the blogs that I read.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Animals

Another really cute crochet pattern. I know. I actually need to learn how to crochet. But until then, I downloaded this cute pattern. To save for later. Both this little bunny and this little bear are in this pattern. Way too cute! And I'm pretty sure that my kids would enjoy playing with these little cuties. :)


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Here is another cute pattern that Mrs. S blogged about. Isn't this cute? This definitely makes me want to crochet. If we get some free time on Sunday or Monday, I'm going to go buy some supplies. With every cute pattern, it just makes me want to crochet more and more.

I think Lauren would also enjoy these veggies. You know, to play with. In her playhouse. I hope crocheting isn't too difficult. Because I'm really feeling inspired. I just want a fun hobby!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Need You

What a beautiful song! You would think that it makes me think of my husband. Really, it makes me think of Lola and her man. She's so in love with him. And he is equally in love with her! They've been singing this song together. And this week in particular, they've been holding tight to each other. So much has been going on.

Like I said, this song just reminds me of the 2 of them. It's so special for them. And I'm glad that they've found each other. Love is so very important. It makes everyone's life so complete.

No matter how amazing your life is, when you're missing that person and that love, your life isn't complete. Your life can be so amazing and beautiful, but that missing piece of the puzzle, you can definitely feel it! I'm glad Lola has her man's love to fall back on.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mrs. S blogged about this cute little set today! How have I not already learned how to crochet? Probably because Lola is always making us some amazing things. All of my kiddos have the cutest and most precious little items. I just wish that I could make them too. I should probably start with buying some supplies.


Monday, October 11, 2010


I just finished reading Lola's blog post. And it absolutely made me cry! I just can't imagine what her friend is going through. Or what Lola is going through. Being so excited about your baby, and then fighting for your life. I just ask that everyone keep Hills and Baby C in your prayers. They need for all of us to pray for their health and well being.


Friday, October 8, 2010

All A-Bordeaux the Sled

This is just a picture I found through Google. But I bought this nail polish last year. It's from OPI's 2009 Holiday Collection. And it's beautiful! I just LOVE the deep color. Especially now for Fall.

I this nail polish last night, while I was looking for another nail polish. Immediately, I knew that this was going to be my favorite color for Fall. I painted my nails last night. And I'm really in LOVE with this color.

Everything about it just screams Fall. And it only took 2 coats to make a beautiful and opaque color. Goodness, I just can't stop staring at my nails. If you can still find it, I would recommend buying All A-Bordeaux the Sled.


*FTC: All items have been purchased by me. All my opinions are honest, and I'm not being paid to review these products.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yes, I'm packing. For a family of 5. And I don't know what to do. I feel very overwhelmed! How many suitcases is proper for 2 adults and 3 kids? I'm not sure. But I've already got 3 suitcases and 2 bags. I still haven't packed for Billy and I.

Um, that means all the clothes he needs for the shows. And all my makeup and hair stuff for Lola. Plus our regular clothes and toiletries. I feel like we're going to show up and all of our friends are going to look at us like we've lost it! But what do I do? We've got lots of needs.

Usually when we travel, Billy and I each have a bag of just work stuff. That's 2 bags of work gear! And I think I'm finally realizing that our twins need more luggage then the rest of the family. I just hope I get all the packing done on time. I think I have 5 days to finish.

I just hope I don't forget anything! I mean we need rails for the beds. You know, for our kids. And their toys. All sorts of clothes, diapers, etc. You know how that is. But when is too much, really too much? Did I mention that I need to take my breast pump too?


Sunday, October 3, 2010


Do you see how gorgeous these flowers are? They are peonies. Beautiful! My mother-in-law, she has some beautiful peonies. All different colors. And she inspired me to try to grow some.

In the Spring, I planted some of these beautiful flowers. Not the plants. I bought bulbs. For 4 or 5 different colors. I planted them outside. Near our patio. And I hoped that they'd grow into gorgeous bushes. Because I wanted to cut off some of these blooms. I wanted to be able to put them around our home.

But like my lilies, my peonies didn't grow. They didn't come out. Not a crack out of the ground. What is going on? Maybe I should have just bought the plants. But they're so expensive! I'm not a gardener. But I'm also not a failure. I'm going to try again next Spring.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Costumes

It's October 1st. Halloween is at the end of this month. And somehow, we've managed to get our kids' Halloween costumes! Can you believe that? I think it's nuts! But we somehow managed that. I'm so happy! And our kids are going to looks so cute!

Robbie is going to be a cow! Yes, a cow! Billy and I decided to dress up the twins as farm animals. And Billy picked out Robbie's costume. I think it's too adorable! And Robbie just looked too cute when we tried it on him. :)

When I seen this pink bunny, I knew that Abby was going to be a bunny. I just died when I saw this costume! And Abby looks adorable. She really like looking at herself in the mirror. We left her in the costume for about an hour. Because she was so mesmerized with the mirror! :)

And our big girl Lauren, she picked out Alice. From Alice in Wonderland. Mostly because Lola bought her the story book for her birthday. Since, Lauren has been mesmerized by the story! I know she is going to look so cute!!!

What do you think? I think my kids are going to look too cute! And unlike many years in the past, we're going to be home for Halloween. So I'm pretty excited! I think the kids will enjoy trick or treating. And my parents are pretty excited about spending the evening with us!