Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Date with Lauren

I have to admit it. I'm very lucky. Our family is very lucky. We have some amazing people that love us a lot! How much? Enough to travel with us! By that I mean that both my parents and my in-laws having been traveling with us.

We're on our 2nd week of work. I haven't worked full time since Billy and I got married. I've really only done Lola's gigs. Stuff with the BBs mostly. To be honest, the band is really been slowing down for the last few years. All the guys are getting married and starting families. To be completely honest, this was just a hobby for them.

But they are so good! And every year, there are a number of gigs that they have contracts for. Without trying. They just land these big shows. And we travel. It wasn't so bad before. When we just had Lauren. But add into the mix, our twins, and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle all of this.

Then my parents and my in-laws offered to come with us. My parents had such a fun time last week! Really spoiling my kids. And this week, they're sharing their grandkids with my in-laws. Allowing Billy and I to work. Is it still hard? Yes, very much so. Because I'm still breastfeeding the twins. The gigs are a little crazy and spread out. And most nights, we're working from 4pm-3am. It's a long night!

But we have an amazing support system. And to get the chance to be creative a couple of times a year, it's honestly a blessing! So we embrace it. And the kids love being with their grandparents!

But tonight, I had some time off. And I wanted to take Lauren out. We got all dressed up. I curled her hair. And she even asked for lipgloss. Which I was so happy to give her! We started off with manicure/pedicures. Let me tell you, my daughter was over the moon to have her little feet soaking, while her fingernails were being painted pink!

We went out to dinner. Thanks to our amazing bosses, we got to go to a very fancy restaurant. Lauren was so excited to have such a fancy dinner. With a big girl drink...a Shirley Temple. She just loved the cherry! We even split a molten chocolate cake with ice cream. Just thinking about it, makes me so happy!

And we wouldn't be girls if we didn't do some shopping. My little girl is finally starting to grow a bit. So we bought some fun new clothes. She modeled them for me when I took her to try them on. And we laughed so much.

It was such a blessing to spend so much time with Lauren. Since the twins were born, I've felt a little guilty. Because it used to be just me and Lauren. But she loves her brother and sister so much. I know that she is happy. I just need to remember to plan more of these evenings.

As we were driving back, she cuddled into me. And told me that she loves me to the moon and back! The whole way, she held tightly to my hand. And as I put Lauren to bed, she told me this was the bestest day ever! I feel the same way. Love you big girl!

~Mommy Manders

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