Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Need You

What a beautiful song! You would think that it makes me think of my husband. Really, it makes me think of Lola and her man. She's so in love with him. And he is equally in love with her! They've been singing this song together. And this week in particular, they've been holding tight to each other. So much has been going on.

Like I said, this song just reminds me of the 2 of them. It's so special for them. And I'm glad that they've found each other. Love is so very important. It makes everyone's life so complete.

No matter how amazing your life is, when you're missing that person and that love, your life isn't complete. Your life can be so amazing and beautiful, but that missing piece of the puzzle, you can definitely feel it! I'm glad Lola has her man's love to fall back on.


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