Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I was very excited, when I read about a giveaway, on Lola's blog. I didn't think I'd win, but I figured I'd give it a try. You never know what will happen. Right? So I went to this certain blog, and read all the rules. I started to go through these steps, including "following" that blog and the sponsor's blog.

I did all of this because I was excited about the giveaway prizes. You had the chance of winning a $25 credit to Love Stitched. Just look at these pretty pieces.

This necklace immediately caught my eye!

And this headband. I really like it. Not too childish. But something I'd add to an easy updo. To just add a bit of elegance and whimsy.

Because I was working, I was doing this in steps. I "followed" both blogs, looked in the shop for my favorite items, and I was getting ready to blog about the giveaway. I had a few minutes before Lola made the switch from the LBs to the BBs. You know, when I have to work.

As I was going to go write a post, I noticed something in my "Reading List." The giveaway winner was already posted. Some 3 hours before the giveaway was over. I re-read the giveaway post. No, it said that you had until 11:59pm EST. It was only after 9pm EST.

I was a little sad. Because I wanted a chance to enter. But I wasn't going to waste my time. Obviously, the blog owner had decided to end this giveaway early. I was most sadden by the fact ,that she was still accepting "entries" in the form of comments. I know this, because she had to OK the comments.

I don't hold this lovely shop at fault. Honestly, they have some beautiful items. I'm already putting together a list of things that I'm going to purchase. This was a giveaway that was being done on another blog. What do you think of the situation? I know it's a giveaway. And it's something, that someone else, is doing for hundreds of blog readers. But what happened to a fair playing field?

I'm just wondering about the integrity of this blog, that I had been reading for a few months. I'm no longer following it. Because I just don't know if the blog author is credible. Not just because of this one post. But I went through other posts. For pretty much all of the giveaways, done on that blog, the "Giveaway Winner Post" is a "scheduled post." Not sure what that has to say about this person. Being that all of these posts where written and "scheduled" while the giveaways were still open.

Hmm, I don't know what to think. But again, I don't blame the shop. The shop owner had nothing to do with the way the giveaway was being run. Like all the previous sponsors. I guess it just makes me question some of the blogs that I read.


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