Monday, August 3, 2009

A Sign?

After dance practice this morning, I took the 2 little ballerinas for ice cream. It was close enough to lunch time. :) And while we were at the Plaza, I decided to buy them each a gift at the toy store. Their teacher said they had been doing really well. Listening to her, and learning all of their dances. With my 2 "Lerinas," as they call themselves, we walked across the Plaza to the small toy store.

Lauren was set on a pony the minute she seen it. It is pink. Of course! What else would you expect from my daughter? Little M picked out a monkey. Which was too cute! It had those long draping kind of arms and legs. She was in love! This toy store is very hands on. The girls were able to play with the toys. And the shop owner even gave them each a big lollipop. The kind that is round and swirled with a bunch of colors. They could be bigger than the girls themselves! Something like this...

While the girls had fun, I wanted to look at some baby things. I know in my head that it is early to be buying things. But I can't help myself! The toy store is in the Plaza. Every building in the Plaza used to be a home. So there are a lot of little rooms in there. Each one is themed. As I was looking at some little picture frames and baby books, Lauren came up to me with a pink teddy bear in one hand and a baby doll in the other. "For my new baby." She said it so proudly. And she really, really, really wanted to buy them. I couldn't say no.

Do you think Lauren knows something we don't? I kinda wonder that. Billy was thinking the same thing when I told him the story after dinner. And after Lauren showed him what she bought her new baby. They are on the bed in the guest room. The room that will soon be a nursery.

Do kids just know? S is completely sold on the idea. Her oldest daughter has told them each time she has been pregnant that she was getting a new baby sister. And well, they have 3 girls. I wouldn't mind another girl. And I think Billy is sold on another daughter. I guess we will just have to wait to see if Miss Lauren is right.


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