Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Loving Weekend

Lauren is fast asleep! The minute my parents left, she fell asleep on the couch. But it was a wonderful weekend!

My parents got in early yesterday morning. Billy made us all a wonderful breakfast. And before we knew it, Billy and Dad were gone. They had decided to do some riding. Mom, Lauren, and I decided to do some shopping. We made it to the last 30 minutes of the Farmers' Market. Mom bought a big bag of apples and 3 bags of Kettle Corn. Lauren got a Princess Wand. My Mom spoils her so much!

We then went to all the fun stores, Hobby Lobby, Target, Dollar Tree, Barnes and Noble, and Claire's. Mom was in complete shopping mode! We eventually made it to lunch at Applebee's. Billy and Dad met us there. And my Dad got a bunch of those dessert shooters. I think he gave Lauren 3 of them!

After lunch, Billy and Dad went to Home Depot and Lowe's. They had a whole list of things they needed to buy. Us girls, we went to Marshall's and Ross. Mom bought so much clothes for Lauren and the new baby. We won't know for months whether this new little one will be a boy or a girl, but mom felt the need to spoil her grandkids!

Saturday night, we all went to Cattleman's for dinner. This was a treat. Dad just LOVES the food. Lauren likes going there too! It reminds her of Texas. And her grandparents. On the ride back home, Lauren fell asleep. Poor baby had missed her nap! The rest of us spent the evening on the back porch enjoying the warm summer evening. Dad talked about the upcoming winter. He tells us that we are going to have a lot of snow. I'm excited about that!

This morning was like any typical Sunday for us. We all got up for church. I rushed around trying to get ready on time. But this week, Dad took us to brunch at Peppers after church. They have the most amazing brunch around here. I ate, and ate, and ate some more. To the point, that I really did feel like I would explode! Lauren was fascinated with the plants in the restaurant. This happens every time we go there. Billy was just into his food. My husband really likes to eat!

After brunch we walked around the shops for a while. Mom bought different things. Some stuff for Lauren. A book to send my brother. Matching bracelets for Mom, my sister, and myself. She shopped and shopped. Until Lauren spotted our guys. We found Billy and Dad eating ice cream. Apparently, they hadn't had enough at brunch! :)

We went back to our house early in the afternoon. Lauren had Billy and Dad playing house with her. She managed to get necklaces and hats on them! Mom and I worked on some Fall wreaths. Do you remember I bought some ribbons and decorations? My Mom is really the creative one. She helped me make 2 large wreaths for our front doors. We have double doors. And she made one to take home. We also made centerpieces. It was so much fun. And it reminded me of my childhood. Mom would buy all these supplies, and one day she would sit us all down to make decorations for the house. Our house was always filled with love and handmade decorations.

The weekend was wonderful! I would not have done anything differently if I could. Except make the weekend longer. Mom and Dad left late in the afternoon. They wanted to make it home before dark, so they skipped dinner. I packed them a small meal to eat on the road. And we saw them off! It was nice to spend time with my parents at home. I know that Billy enjoyed sharing so much with my Dad while they were here. Lauren just LOVED having them here. Even if it was just to have grandpa watch her ride her horse, or grandma help her get dressed. It was a weekend filled with loving memories.


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