Monday, August 24, 2009

Billy Forgot

Last week, when the BBs had rehearsal, they planned a "Guys' Week." With Lola. She is just part of the crowd. But Billy forgot about it when we went to visit my parents yesterday. J is still gone. Lola had to work. Which everyone already knew. Anna Marie and Joe went to visit family. Jacob and Cari went to see her family. And I don't know what happened to the rest of the guys. Or how they all forgot about their previous plans.

But Lola called us yesterday afternoon. To see where everyone was at. She was going to work. And the boss called to see where everyone was at. He was sitting at J's house. How he made it to town, from TN before the guys, I don't know. But he was waiting patiently. Lola convinced him to meet her at work. And they spent the day with the kids in the hospital. Eventually, she gave him the key to J's house. And I guess he called it a night.

Now, the guys are all pumped up about the week. Somehow everyone descended on the area. And at 5AM, Billy left to go hangout with his friends. They have a bunch of stuff planned for the next 10 days. Practice for the band falls in there somewhere too! As does a camping trip. Lola seems excited about it too. Although she already has a full plate with work and school. It's just something that she enjoys. Spoiling the boys. The band is definitely going to be doing some bonding!


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