Thursday, August 6, 2009

Excited for T-Lo

Lauren is so excited today! Her T-Lo is coming to visit. T-Lo is mine and Billy's friend, Lola. We don't get to see her much. She works as an intern at the hospital, and she travels a lot. But we are very proud of her. That makes a day like today even more special.

I do some freelance work from time-to-time. Not too much though. But when Lola asked me about doing the hair and makeup for one of her friend's wedding, I couldn't say no. I am really excited about it. It has been such a long time since I have done an event like this. It's a 2 day event. A bridal manicure and pedicure day, and the wedding day.

Billy, Lauren, and I will also be going to the wedding. Amelia was so nice to invite us. Tomorrow Lola is hosting the party for Amelia and her bridal party. I am going to do manicures and pedicures for all the ladies. Even the little flower girls. To be a very nice friend, Lola is coming over later tonight, so that I can do hers. Get a little head start.

Miss Lauren is so happy to see her T-Lo. She made her a necklace and a card yesterday. This morning she helped me frost some cookies that I baked. And right now, she is dancing around in her tutu that T-Lo made her. It is a very exciting day in our house. Even Billy is excited to see Lola!


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