Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quiet Time

Billy took Lauren to ride her pony. She was all decked out in her pink Wranglers, "Cowgirl Up" shirt, pink boots, and hat. Just like her daddy. She is a cowgirl at heart. That is what first attracted me to Billy when I met him. Those Wranglers, his green eyes, and that Texas twang. Miss Lauren is just like her daddy. But also a princess in every way imaginable. I watched them leave. Hand in hand. Or I should say, Miss Lauren's hand wrapped tightly around Daddy's pinkie finger. Almost too much for her little hand to hold on to. But with all the love in her heart.

I am such a lucky woman. And I thank God every single day for my family. I have a husband that loves me for being exactly who I am. And we have a daughter that is truly the center of our world. I used to think I would never find this kind of love. Or a man like Billy. Was I ever wrong. I used to be scared that I would not be a good mom. But it just seems natural. And when I first found out I was pregnant again, I was scared I wouldn't have enough love for both of my babies. But I know now, that our love only multiplies.

For everything that I ever thought I was lacking in, God made up for it 1000X's over with my family. Things may have happened quickly, but we are a family. And our love just runs over our cup. We are so very blessed. And I thank God every single day for my blessings.


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