Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Wednesday Whimsy

My little sister is getting married June 12, 2010! Yay! I am so super excited. She is very different from myself. I met Billy in May 2005, we went on our 1st date 2 days later, and exactly a month later we were engaged. By September we were married. I didn't fuss over dresses, flowers, or any of the other details. Not my sister!

Every few days, I get an email from my sister. With tons of wedding ideas. She buys every Bridal magazine, and searches out every thing having to do with weddings. So, today I was excited when I saw these salt and pepper shakers. She wants to use them on the tables. Part practical, part decoration. I just want a set! I am really hoping that she picks them.

If you are getting married. Or just like them, you can find them here. For $3.50 a set. In either pink and brown or black and white. I might just have to buy a set for myself!


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