Saturday, August 29, 2009

Purple Pumps

Lately, I have been getting a little wordy on here. A little too emotional. And my posts have been long. So I have decided to lighten the mood and share with you some shoes that I like. I have a little time to blog before my parents get here for the weekend.

I saw these peep toes on the Payless commercial about a week ago. And I was immediately drawn to them! It didn't help that Lola recently bought them for work. And I seen her on Tuesday. All dressed up, with these shoes on. They are really cute. Yesterday, I finally decided to look at them online.

They come in both black and purple. But the purple ones just grab my attention. I think it is because I have so many pairs of black shoes. And I don't think I have a single pair of purple ones. These shoes have gorgeous ruffle detailing at the front and have a 3.75" heel. They are $25. But right now at Payless, they are having a BOGO. The 2nd pair is 1/2 off. You can buy these shoes for $25 or $12.50, just depending on the other pair of shoes you buy.

I am going to have to go to Payless soon. I know my mom would enjoy the shopping trip. And some new shoes. These purple peep toes will definitely add some fun to any outfit!


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