Sunday, August 16, 2009

Warm Summer Day

We made it to my parents' house early this morning. Lauren almost didn't want to leave because of her new play house. But we reminded her of her tree house that grandpa built her. She quickly got in the trucj with Lucky (her horse.) She slept most of the way. It was pretty early.

And when we got here, mom had a HUGE breakfast spread ready for us. I am so blessed to have such amazing parents. We ate. And ate some more. My mom is such a good cook. Billy and dad headed out to work. I tried to help mom clean up, but she just sent me and Lauren to play. Lauren quickly got lost in her world of make believe and I just watched her. It still amazes me how imaginative she is. She cleaned her little house. And sat in her rocking chair, rocking her baby to sleep.

My mom eventually came out with her blanket that she started for the baby. She is embroidering a blanket for the baby. With the cutest little animals all over it. I helped her with the thread, but that is about as talented as I am. I'm not a very crafty person. My mom does it so seamlessly.

As lunch time quickly approached, mom and I made lunch as Lauren picked flowers. Soon Billy and dad came to eat. And as quickly as they came, they were gone again. Lauren quickly fell asleep. And mom and me picked flowers around her garden. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my mom. We made a few arrangements for the house. My even made me one to take home. I love to learn all these things from her.

Not long ago, Billy and dad came back. Dad went to shower. Mom throw me out of the house to relax, as she made dinner. Lauren is happily decorating her house with flowers. And Billy is sitting here with me. We are watching our baby girl. Who is not a baby any more. She is such a big girl. And we are listening to Alabama. Enjoying a warm summer day with loving family. Life really could not get much better than this!


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