Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heading Home

This morning Billy had an idea. We could go visit my parents. Most of our friends were going to visit their own families. And our dinner plans would have to wait for another day.

After mass and a quick breakfast, we headed to my parents house. It is roughly 2 hours from where we live. Lauren was quite excited! Billy had plans to work with my dad. They have been working on some project with the trees around my parents property. And Billy wants to get further along with it. My dad enjoys spending time and working with Billy. I think he is also very relieved to have the help.

When we got to my parents' house, they were very happy to see us. My sister and her fiance were on their way too! And Miss Lauren was very excited to play with grandma. She got a new baby doll from J earlier in the week. Lauren and my mom got right to work on a blankie for the new baby. My mom likes to sew little projects like that for her. Lauren just gets so excited about the things that grandma makes her and her baby dolls.

When my sister got there, it was a nice change. I hadn't seen her in almost 2 weeks. We all don't live that far from each other. But with our daily lives and schedules, sometimes visits become more spread out then we'd like. Dad promptly pulled his future son-in-law to help in their project. I don't think he had anticipated it. But he was willing to learn. I am sure Billy and dad had a good time picking on him!

My sis and I just caught up on each others' lives. She is elbow deep in wedding plans. Mom thinks it's all too funny! She carries around a little carrying case for all her files. I have to say, she is very organized about this. Every folder is labeled and well organized with her picks. Lauren and mom spent most of the afternoon playing baby dolls. Mom even made her a few outfits for her new baby doll.

Eventually the guys came back from their project. And we had dinner. Mom is such a good cook. And she never lets my sister and I help with Sunday dinner. We had a nice feast of pork chops, squash, baked potatoes, salad, and peach cobbler. Lauren was over the moon because she got ice cream and peach cobbler. My daughter makes me laugh!

Billy and I decided to head back home after dinner. We didn't want to travel in the dark. There was a serious accident around here last night. And a man died. So we wanted to play it safe. My mom packed up a big bag of snacks. As if we were traveling across the country, instead of the 2 hours home. I love her so much. And now we are on the road headed home.

It was a long day. But a fun one. I am glad that we decided to come and visit our family. Billy and dad are very proud of the progress they are making on their project. Lauren is happy with the things grandma made her. And I am just happy to have spent time with our family.


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