Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Today is Amelia's wedding. I for one, am very excited! Lauren and I each got a new dress. Mine is white and strapless, with kelly green accents. I am going to wear emerald jewelry and some fun sandals. Lauren's dress is pink and green polka dots. She is very proud that she will match the wedding colors. Billy is wearing a nice suit with a tie to kinda match my dress.

I am really excited about the whole gig though. Not for the money. I am fortunate enough to not have to worry about finances. But I am excited about getting back to work. So much so, I couldn't sleep last night. Billy thought it was very cute. All my cases are packed. My brushes are ready to work some magic. Lola packed up all of her things too. She is funny like that. Lola has her own brushes and stuff for me to use just for her. :)

Now, I just have to wait. Billy is making breakfast. And Lauren is sleeping. We rented a room near where the reception is being held. For 2 reasons. There will be a place for Billy and Lauren to rest before the wedding while I am working. And so we don't have to drive the hour drive home at 1AM. It's all set.

I am just anxious. The group of woman are amazing. Everyone is so up beat and excited for the big day. In total, I will be working on 40 ladies, and I think it was 10 girls. I can't really remember now. I call it "pregnancy brain!" But it shouldn't be too tough. I will work on the moms, and grandmas first, then the bride, Lola, then the other women, and finally the girls. Lola has already offered to help me with the girls. And I am so grateful. But we should have plenty of time. We are meeting at 8AM and have to be ready for pictures at 1PM. I will do hair first, then makeup.

All of the bridal party is getting pretty much the same hairdo. Amelia picked out a nice summery up-do. The toughest one, will probably be Lola. She has such long hair. And Little S. Not for the hair, but for the scarf. But I am excited!


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