Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Baby

Yes, we are having a new baby!!!

Billy and I hadn't really started telling people. Just a select few. Like our parents, Lauren, J, Lola, the G Family, and my sister. Then I realized that I may have let it slip out. Well, kinda. On the blog yesterday. Then when I was talking to Anna Marie, I said something about morning sickness. And then when I talked to Cole this morning, I mentioned I needed maternity clothes. Oops! So much for waiting until after our anniversary! :P

We figure that we should just put it out there. We are pregnant with baby #2! My due date is March 25th. How exciting is that? Lauren keeps holding her baby doll saying, "New baby mommy." I think she might be a little confused. When Billy and I told her we were having a new baby, something tells me she thinks she is getting a new baby doll. It's a good thing we still have 7 months to explain it to her.

I am also very lucky to be pregnant while 2 of my close friends are expecting. Anna Marie looks too cute! She is due in November. They are having a little girl. That's 2 daughters for Joe. He is over the moon. Have you ever met a man that only wants daughters? And S is having baby #4 in March. We are pregnant together again. Due dates are days apart again! D is praying for a boy. But something tells me they will have another little girl! :)

I have been having some pretty strong morning sickness. Somehow, I forgot about that when I was thinking about my pregnancy with Lauren. I haven't been eating much, other than toast for breakfast. Around 2PM I get hungry and can keep food down. To date, I have lost 6lbs, and gone up 3 bra sizes. The doctor told me that is completely normal and not to worry. The memories are all just beginning to come back to me. hehe

This pregnancy should be a little less stressful than our first. The first time, we were moving between Texas and here. Getting adjusted to Billy's work. And traveling with the band. Since then, we have gotten settled here. We still go to Texas, but not as often. Or for as long. And the band has slowed down on their gigs. The only gigs that they have scheduled are 1 in each month, between Oct-Dec. Now I just need to figure out how to be pregnant and how to chase after Lauren!


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