Monday, December 3, 2012

They're So Special

We spent the better part, of last week, in Las Vegas. The band was performing. We were getting to meet up with a some of our friends people. And these ones too! It was a nice week. I did miss Lauren. Now that she's in school, it's so hard to travel with her. We don't want her to miss school. So she gets to hangout with my parents.

But there was something about being in Las Vegas. And working this event. With all this glitz and glam. That got me thinking. I want my girls to be confident in themselves. To not depend on makeup, hair, jewelry, clothes, men. I want them to know, each of them are so special. So unique. And amazing. Just because they are, who they are.

I guess I'm feeling this way, because they are getting older. Robbie walks around, like his daddy. Super confident. He ALWAYS tells us, he's going to be like daddy. Work on the Ranch. Be a daddy. Have a wife. Now I know, my boy is only 2 years old. But he's got his plan going. I'm sure, he'll probably change his mind. A 100 times, before he gets "there." But he has a clue.

I want Lauren and Abby to have that same confidence. To know, they don't need to be like a model. Or an actress. That they are perfect the way they are. That they can be mommas like me. Or be like T-Lo, and become doctors. That they can do anything.

Everyday, our little girls are hammered with so many ads, magazines, images that are not real. I don't want my daughters to think only of labels, pounds on a scale, boys, and the such. It makes me realize more and more, that I need to set this example for them.

They know that momma doesn't always wear makeup, dress up, or even do her hair. But that I do these things for myself. To feel better. To have fun. That buying all this makeup, is not normal. But my job. I want them to have confidence in themselves.

More importantly, I want them to turn to God. Ask him for guidance. To know that magazines, aren't about "real life." Just fun stuff. That we should weigh more than 100 lbs. That drinking and getting arrested are not the "normal." I want them to know, they don't need all of these things. Because they're already so special! I want my girls to know this. We love them. Just the way they are!!


Friday, November 23, 2012

New in 2012: Ball Bunting

I'll be the first one to admit it. I adore bunting and garlands. Adore them!! Like our entire home is covered in fresh garland and lights, from mid November to mid January. I spend hours and hours on Pinterest, looking for new buntings and garlands. I look for any excuse to put them up. Like one made out of cupcake liners. :)

Recently, I was on Pinterest. Looking for a new idea. And that lead me to this blog. And this post. Wow! Something about it, called to me. And I knew, I needed to make it. :)

Let's take a side "trip," right here. I adore that Jessica has decorated Harper's nursery, for Christmas. It's just so adorable! But I might be a little more excited then most. Remember Lauren's adventure. Ya, the twins are totally into decorating this year too! We just adore decorating for holidays!

This year, we let our twins pick out Christmas decorations for their room. To be like Lauren. :) Yes, it happened back in October. The people at Hobby Lobby thought we were nuts! But I had to do it. We LOVE the holidays too much.

Our little project, started before we headed to Texas. And headed to Hobby Lobby. Everyone picked their "colors." Lauren went with pink and red. I wouldn't expect anything less. Although, the red shocked me a bit. Maybe Marissa, is now having some influence on Lauren and her "pinkness!" Abby, got lavender and pink. And Mr. Robbie, he went with red and blue. :)

I don't know how this garland was made. But I bought 2 packages, of each color of pom-poms. And a long "doll making" needle. I consulted with my bestie, and my momma. And packed up my supplies. Headed to Texas, for Thanksgiving with Billy's side of the family. :)

I've spent the last 2 nights working on our buntings. After the kids go to bed, and it's just us adults chatting. I pull out this crazy long needle, lots of thread, and bags of pom-poms. I've got 4 done. 2 to go. Fingers crossed, tonight, after the kiddos are asleep....I will finish!

Hopefully, by the time we get home, everything will be done! And my kiddos will have some more "charm" for their rooms. I'm hoping to make a few for my office/studio. Maybe a strand of each of pink, black, and white. How fun!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It shouldn't be much of a shock. Billy and I, aren't having anymore kiddos. There are still mornings, when I wake up, and my heart aches for a newborn. I really want a baby some days. But when we first got married, Billy and I agreed. 2 kids. God surprised us with 3!! :) And I'm more than good with that!

Our twins are now 2 1/2 years old. Getting bigger every day. They have their "big kid" rooms. And all those pieces of "baby furniture," are slowly finding new homes. But there are still things, that I don't know what to do with. I don't want to give them away. And I don't know how I can keep them....

I originally found this picture on Pinterest. I don't know why I saved it. The reality is, we don't really drink. Billy has the occasional beer with the guys. Maybe once a year, I have a glass of champagne. So I don't need a "bar cart." But I like this idea.

To be 100% honest, we only have 1 changing table. It was a gift. And something we almost never used. Basically, we'd already bought Lauren's nursery furniture. Her dresser, doubled as a changing table. But someone really special, bought us this changing table. So I used it to store lots of Lauren's things.

When the twins were born, it was definitely something that came in handy. We put it in the family room. Loaded with lots of stuff that we might need. For over a year, we've not needed it. It's become a "catch all" for the kids stuff. Markers, crayons, coloring books, cars, dolls, etc.

But I saw this picture and had a thought. I could repaint our changing table. Add some wheels. And we'd have an instant "ice cream bar." Maybe use it for desserts, candy, or the kids' birthday party.

Brilliant I thought! Right now, Billy is working on my project. ;) It's been painted white. He installed a board to the front. That he painted with chalkboard paint. Added some metal baskets to one of the short sides. And a handle to the other. Right now, he's working on the wheels.

It feels so good. To repurpose this piece of furniture. It has a lot of meaning. And I wanted to keep it. But also use it. In a way that would celebrate it. And make us all proud. I guess, you just never know where the inspiration will come from.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High Heels Mysteries

One of my favorite birthdays gifts, is this series of books. I got them from my sister. Who read them all, last Fall. She kept telling me, that they were AMAZING! So fun. And I NEEDED to read them. All of them. But every time I went to Barnes and Noble, I got distracted. And forgot to look for them.

My sister got them for me, for my birthday. I'm almost done with the first one. This book, is the last in the series. They're all about one main character. Who is a very girly girl. These are murder mystery type of books. Something very different, from what I normally read. But I have to say this, Gemma's books are a nice break from real life. :)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cuddly Crochet

Not long ago, Lola was working on some cute presents. Baby Shower gifts. But to me, the little animals, would be perfect for my kiddos! When I asked her, where she got the patterns, she immediately pulled out this book!

Oh, goodness! These are cute patterns. And this book is AMAZING! I just can't find it anywhere. And that makes me sad. I was shocked, to find it out of stock, on Amazon. I guess, I just have to keep searching for it...


If I Could Knit...

I'd make this Bunny Hat and Booties set. So adorable!! Couldn't you just see a precious baby girl, in this hat. And these booties, are just too cut for words! If I could knit, I'd make this, for a sweet baby girl. That is soon to make her appearance in our family!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Our family wanted to wish all of you, a very Happy Easter! What a blessed day this is! We're looking forward to celebrating our dear Lord. And spending plenty of time, with our family and friends!

I just might have baked a few of these cakes. And have tons of food, for later. The Easter bunny has visited. And we have our Sunday Best ready! Our family from Texas, has been visiting. And we hope to have an amazing day with them! Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've waited and waited. And waited some more! I've been so patient! And Monday night, didn't disappoint! Not one bit!!

Did anyone else catch Bones? It was so good! And I hope this means, a few more seasons. :) I can't wait to see how Bones, really interacts with Baby Christine.

Funny thing is, I never watched this show. Not until about a year ago. When Lola got me hooked. Then I suddenly had to watch every episode. I've seen them all twice! And now, I'm hooked! What's one of your favorite, must see TV shows?


Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Girl Shoes

Recently, I was searching the internet. For a little inspiration. A little fun. Something to add to my wardrobe. And this is what I found...

Oh wow! The perfect shoes! With a CRAZY price tag attached. I'd LOVE this shoes. Maybe in another lifetime. Because I just can't get past that price tag!

Pink, sparkly, red bottoms, high heels...what more could you ask for? If I had a pair of these, I'd be a little worried, that I'd on my way to Baby #4! :) But aren't they gorgeous?!? One can dream....


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stylish Baby!

I'm always telling my sister, that she should have a baby. I know, I'm a bad influence! But she's been married nearly 2 years. And I know that she would be such a GREAT mom!

Lizzie likes to come and visit us, as often as she can. We live a couple of hours from each other, and she works full time. So it can get a little complicated sometimes. Being that she is usually off at the beginning of the week. And Lauren goes to school M-F.

But when T-Li, that's what my kiddos call her, comes over, it's always loads of fun! My sister is known to crawl into Lauren's playhouse, for hours of play. T-Li likes to dress up in a tutu and high heels, to pick up Lauren from dance practice. Heck, my sister runs through the sprinklers with the kids, 5 minutes before we leave for church! :)

I told you, she's fun.
One of the things my girls like the most, is playing "dress up" with T-Li. She ALWAYS brings my kids new, and very stylish clothes. Fashion is very important to my little sis. I tell her, she need a baby, to dress up too!

This hat just reminds me of my sister. I can just imagine it. If Lizzie were to have a little boy, she'd dress him up in little button up shirts, and the hippest hats. Probably with little loafers. Forget it, if she had a little girl!

But I guess I'm just dreaming now. I'd LOVE it, if my little sister would have a baby. But I know that's not in her immediate plans. That's OK. But I'm pretty sure, I'm going to make this hat. And save it. Maybe a little "lovebird" will come sooner than later! :)


Crochet Along: Week 6

Welcome Back! It's our last week,of this Crochet Along. And I for one, am very excited! How about you? Our goal for the week, is the edging. :) That's it! And we're done with our Bunny Blankets!!!

Lola has been working on 2 separate blankets. And finished 1, over the weekend. Lola will be posting some tips, for the edging today. I'd definitely go over to her blog, to read up. I'm sure it will be helpful, before you start your edging.

This has been a very fun project to work on! And I can't wait, to wrap up my blanket, for a precious new baby! Hopefully, very soon, Lola and I will get another Crochet Along started. If you're interested, come back soon. Please send us your project ideas! We'd love to hear all about them. Now, all that's left, is to finish our blankets. And enjoy them! Thanks for all the fun! :)


Friday, March 30, 2012

New in 2012: Bunny Cake

My new thing this week, was making this Bunny Cake. I'm not a "fancy" baker. I make cupcakes, pies, cookies, cakes, etc. But nothing too fancy. Not shaped. Not bunnies. No fancy piping.

But this week, a few friends and I, decided to meet for a "Lunch and Play Date." For us and our kids. And I wanted to make something fun. Interesting. And something "Spring-y."

Lola pointed me to this recipe. Which was amazing! Now I feel like, I should have been doing this years ago! There were a few "challenging" things, but it was overall super easy! How could it not be? You use a box cake, and store bought frosting!

The thing I learned about making this cake was, to be a little patient. :) And to bake it, when my kiddos were napping. That worked perfectly! After I baked the cake, and "shaped it," I stuck it in the freezer. Just like the instructions said. It made frosting, and decorating it, so much easier!

Now that I've tackled one cake, I might try something else! I don't know. Something fun for Mother's Day. But I know one thing, I'll definitely be baking this cake, for Easter. I'm sure my family will enjoy it!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

If Only I Could Find This Dress...

I'd be such a HAPPY Lady!!! I just LOVE this dress. I found it, somewhere on Pinterest. But there was no source. Now I can't even find that Pinterest source. And I've spent way too many hours, searching for this dress! But I can't help myself! I just adore the color, style, and print of this dress. If only I could find it!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eyelet Love!

I have a little confession to make. I've been searching, for an eyelet dress, for a while now. More than a year, to be honest. It all started when I saw my sister, wearing on. It was last summer. And she paired it, with some roughed up boots, and turquoise jewelry.

Since then, I've been wanting, a similar dress. Well, sort of. I was looking for something a little more, simple. I've always liked eyelet. In fact, my daughters, each have 5 dresses, made of eyelet! So I searched. With not luck. Until, I went shopping at Forever 21! And I found my dress!

The best part, it was on sale for $15. I've found it here, listed for $27.80. I don't think, I've been this excited about clothes, in years! Let's not tell Billy, I bought a few more things too! OK, a lot of stuff. As in 4 bags. :) But honestly, I had just cleaned out our closet. And was left with little clothes for summer. Oh, it was a good trip to Forever 21!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Chaps

My nephew is nearly 6 months old. I can't believe it! Where has the time gone? I wish that we could see him more often. But with Lauren in school, well we just don't get to Texas as much as we'd like.

But our little buddy is getting big. And scooting around. If you haven't noticed by hubby is a cowboy. A genuine cowboy! He used to be a bull rider. No lie! Thank goodness he was ending that chapter of his life, when we met. But it's an important part of our life.

With that being said, Lauren has been "Mutton Busting" for a few years. Robbie, loves to chase animals around the yard. Abby is the only one, that is happy, to just look at the animals. But we still love to dress up our kiddos. They have many pairs of Wranglers...and boots!

I got to thinking. I want to make my nephew something. Something that is "western" inspired. Cute. And that is useful. Remember I told you that he's nearly 6 months old? He's getting mobile now. So this pattern...well it just made me smile!

A pair of chaps! Perfection! My brother-in-law is totally a cowboy. Wears chaps every day. I think these would be incredible for our nephew. :) Perfect to put over his little jeans, as he crawls around the porch.

Another thing, I think you should check out Cobbler's Cabin. It's a great blog! Full of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G patterns. That I want to try out. Especially this sweater. I think it would look nice in navy. Just go see this wonderful blog. You won't regret it!