Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stylish Baby!

I'm always telling my sister, that she should have a baby. I know, I'm a bad influence! But she's been married nearly 2 years. And I know that she would be such a GREAT mom!

Lizzie likes to come and visit us, as often as she can. We live a couple of hours from each other, and she works full time. So it can get a little complicated sometimes. Being that she is usually off at the beginning of the week. And Lauren goes to school M-F.

But when T-Li, that's what my kiddos call her, comes over, it's always loads of fun! My sister is known to crawl into Lauren's playhouse, for hours of play. T-Li likes to dress up in a tutu and high heels, to pick up Lauren from dance practice. Heck, my sister runs through the sprinklers with the kids, 5 minutes before we leave for church! :)

I told you, she's fun.
One of the things my girls like the most, is playing "dress up" with T-Li. She ALWAYS brings my kids new, and very stylish clothes. Fashion is very important to my little sis. I tell her, she need a baby, to dress up too!

This hat just reminds me of my sister. I can just imagine it. If Lizzie were to have a little boy, she'd dress him up in little button up shirts, and the hippest hats. Probably with little loafers. Forget it, if she had a little girl!

But I guess I'm just dreaming now. I'd LOVE it, if my little sister would have a baby. But I know that's not in her immediate plans. That's OK. But I'm pretty sure, I'm going to make this hat. And save it. Maybe a little "lovebird" will come sooner than later! :)


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