Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High Heels Mysteries

One of my favorite birthdays gifts, is this series of books. I got them from my sister. Who read them all, last Fall. She kept telling me, that they were AMAZING! So fun. And I NEEDED to read them. All of them. But every time I went to Barnes and Noble, I got distracted. And forgot to look for them.

My sister got them for me, for my birthday. I'm almost done with the first one. This book, is the last in the series. They're all about one main character. Who is a very girly girl. These are murder mystery type of books. Something very different, from what I normally read. But I have to say this, Gemma's books are a nice break from real life. :)


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cuddly Crochet

Not long ago, Lola was working on some cute presents. Baby Shower gifts. But to me, the little animals, would be perfect for my kiddos! When I asked her, where she got the patterns, she immediately pulled out this book!

Oh, goodness! These are cute patterns. And this book is AMAZING! I just can't find it anywhere. And that makes me sad. I was shocked, to find it out of stock, on Amazon. I guess, I just have to keep searching for it...


If I Could Knit...

I'd make this Bunny Hat and Booties set. So adorable!! Couldn't you just see a precious baby girl, in this hat. And these booties, are just too cut for words! If I could knit, I'd make this, for a sweet baby girl. That is soon to make her appearance in our family!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Our family wanted to wish all of you, a very Happy Easter! What a blessed day this is! We're looking forward to celebrating our dear Lord. And spending plenty of time, with our family and friends!

I just might have baked a few of these cakes. And have tons of food, for later. The Easter bunny has visited. And we have our Sunday Best ready! Our family from Texas, has been visiting. And we hope to have an amazing day with them! Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've waited and waited. And waited some more! I've been so patient! And Monday night, didn't disappoint! Not one bit!!

Did anyone else catch Bones? It was so good! And I hope this means, a few more seasons. :) I can't wait to see how Bones, really interacts with Baby Christine.

Funny thing is, I never watched this show. Not until about a year ago. When Lola got me hooked. Then I suddenly had to watch every episode. I've seen them all twice! And now, I'm hooked! What's one of your favorite, must see TV shows?


Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Girl Shoes

Recently, I was searching the internet. For a little inspiration. A little fun. Something to add to my wardrobe. And this is what I found...

Oh wow! The perfect shoes! With a CRAZY price tag attached. I'd LOVE this shoes. Maybe in another lifetime. Because I just can't get past that price tag!

Pink, sparkly, red bottoms, high heels...what more could you ask for? If I had a pair of these, I'd be a little worried, that I'd on my way to Baby #4! :) But aren't they gorgeous?!? One can dream....


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stylish Baby!

I'm always telling my sister, that she should have a baby. I know, I'm a bad influence! But she's been married nearly 2 years. And I know that she would be such a GREAT mom!

Lizzie likes to come and visit us, as often as she can. We live a couple of hours from each other, and she works full time. So it can get a little complicated sometimes. Being that she is usually off at the beginning of the week. And Lauren goes to school M-F.

But when T-Li, that's what my kiddos call her, comes over, it's always loads of fun! My sister is known to crawl into Lauren's playhouse, for hours of play. T-Li likes to dress up in a tutu and high heels, to pick up Lauren from dance practice. Heck, my sister runs through the sprinklers with the kids, 5 minutes before we leave for church! :)

I told you, she's fun.
One of the things my girls like the most, is playing "dress up" with T-Li. She ALWAYS brings my kids new, and very stylish clothes. Fashion is very important to my little sis. I tell her, she need a baby, to dress up too!

This hat just reminds me of my sister. I can just imagine it. If Lizzie were to have a little boy, she'd dress him up in little button up shirts, and the hippest hats. Probably with little loafers. Forget it, if she had a little girl!

But I guess I'm just dreaming now. I'd LOVE it, if my little sister would have a baby. But I know that's not in her immediate plans. That's OK. But I'm pretty sure, I'm going to make this hat. And save it. Maybe a little "lovebird" will come sooner than later! :)


Crochet Along: Week 6

Welcome Back! It's our last week,of this Crochet Along. And I for one, am very excited! How about you? Our goal for the week, is the edging. :) That's it! And we're done with our Bunny Blankets!!!

Lola has been working on 2 separate blankets. And finished 1, over the weekend. Lola will be posting some tips, for the edging today. I'd definitely go over to her blog, to read up. I'm sure it will be helpful, before you start your edging.

This has been a very fun project to work on! And I can't wait, to wrap up my blanket, for a precious new baby! Hopefully, very soon, Lola and I will get another Crochet Along started. If you're interested, come back soon. Please send us your project ideas! We'd love to hear all about them. Now, all that's left, is to finish our blankets. And enjoy them! Thanks for all the fun! :)