Monday, December 3, 2012

They're So Special

We spent the better part, of last week, in Las Vegas. The band was performing. We were getting to meet up with a some of our friends people. And these ones too! It was a nice week. I did miss Lauren. Now that she's in school, it's so hard to travel with her. We don't want her to miss school. So she gets to hangout with my parents.

But there was something about being in Las Vegas. And working this event. With all this glitz and glam. That got me thinking. I want my girls to be confident in themselves. To not depend on makeup, hair, jewelry, clothes, men. I want them to know, each of them are so special. So unique. And amazing. Just because they are, who they are.

I guess I'm feeling this way, because they are getting older. Robbie walks around, like his daddy. Super confident. He ALWAYS tells us, he's going to be like daddy. Work on the Ranch. Be a daddy. Have a wife. Now I know, my boy is only 2 years old. But he's got his plan going. I'm sure, he'll probably change his mind. A 100 times, before he gets "there." But he has a clue.

I want Lauren and Abby to have that same confidence. To know, they don't need to be like a model. Or an actress. That they are perfect the way they are. That they can be mommas like me. Or be like T-Lo, and become doctors. That they can do anything.

Everyday, our little girls are hammered with so many ads, magazines, images that are not real. I don't want my daughters to think only of labels, pounds on a scale, boys, and the such. It makes me realize more and more, that I need to set this example for them.

They know that momma doesn't always wear makeup, dress up, or even do her hair. But that I do these things for myself. To feel better. To have fun. That buying all this makeup, is not normal. But my job. I want them to have confidence in themselves.

More importantly, I want them to turn to God. Ask him for guidance. To know that magazines, aren't about "real life." Just fun stuff. That we should weigh more than 100 lbs. That drinking and getting arrested are not the "normal." I want them to know, they don't need all of these things. Because they're already so special! I want my girls to know this. We love them. Just the way they are!!


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