Friday, November 23, 2012

New in 2012: Ball Bunting

I'll be the first one to admit it. I adore bunting and garlands. Adore them!! Like our entire home is covered in fresh garland and lights, from mid November to mid January. I spend hours and hours on Pinterest, looking for new buntings and garlands. I look for any excuse to put them up. Like one made out of cupcake liners. :)

Recently, I was on Pinterest. Looking for a new idea. And that lead me to this blog. And this post. Wow! Something about it, called to me. And I knew, I needed to make it. :)

Let's take a side "trip," right here. I adore that Jessica has decorated Harper's nursery, for Christmas. It's just so adorable! But I might be a little more excited then most. Remember Lauren's adventure. Ya, the twins are totally into decorating this year too! We just adore decorating for holidays!

This year, we let our twins pick out Christmas decorations for their room. To be like Lauren. :) Yes, it happened back in October. The people at Hobby Lobby thought we were nuts! But I had to do it. We LOVE the holidays too much.

Our little project, started before we headed to Texas. And headed to Hobby Lobby. Everyone picked their "colors." Lauren went with pink and red. I wouldn't expect anything less. Although, the red shocked me a bit. Maybe Marissa, is now having some influence on Lauren and her "pinkness!" Abby, got lavender and pink. And Mr. Robbie, he went with red and blue. :)

I don't know how this garland was made. But I bought 2 packages, of each color of pom-poms. And a long "doll making" needle. I consulted with my bestie, and my momma. And packed up my supplies. Headed to Texas, for Thanksgiving with Billy's side of the family. :)

I've spent the last 2 nights working on our buntings. After the kids go to bed, and it's just us adults chatting. I pull out this crazy long needle, lots of thread, and bags of pom-poms. I've got 4 done. 2 to go. Fingers crossed, tonight, after the kiddos are asleep....I will finish!

Hopefully, by the time we get home, everything will be done! And my kiddos will have some more "charm" for their rooms. I'm hoping to make a few for my office/studio. Maybe a strand of each of pink, black, and white. How fun!


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