Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eyelet Love!

I have a little confession to make. I've been searching, for an eyelet dress, for a while now. More than a year, to be honest. It all started when I saw my sister, wearing on. It was last summer. And she paired it, with some roughed up boots, and turquoise jewelry.

Since then, I've been wanting, a similar dress. Well, sort of. I was looking for something a little more, simple. I've always liked eyelet. In fact, my daughters, each have 5 dresses, made of eyelet! So I searched. With not luck. Until, I went shopping at Forever 21! And I found my dress!

The best part, it was on sale for $15. I've found it here, listed for $27.80. I don't think, I've been this excited about clothes, in years! Let's not tell Billy, I bought a few more things too! OK, a lot of stuff. As in 4 bags. :) But honestly, I had just cleaned out our closet. And was left with little clothes for summer. Oh, it was a good trip to Forever 21!


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