Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crochet Along: Week 4

Hi Crochet Friends! How are you doing? Our blankets are halfway done! I'm so excited! Even my husband commented on my blanket. Saying that I should make one, for our house. :)

This week, our goal is to work on rows 46-66. We'll have 3 "bunny blocks" by next Sunday! What makes me more excited is, I don't have to carry around the pattern. Because this week, is just like Week 1!

On a personal note, it's been a little tough, to stay motivated. I know, that if I'd been working on this alone, I'd have put it down a few times. Between working, party planning, and just life, it's been a little difficult to make time to crochet. Yesterday alone, my daughter had a dance performance. And we had a Baby Shower to go to.

That's why I like the idea, of the "Crochet Along." It keeps you motivated. And moving in the right direction. Have I mentioned all your e-mails? They keep me motivated too! So many great notes. That you all, are enjoying this too!

Well, today, my baby turns 5! And we have a day of fun ahead of us. So I'm almost positive, that my crocheting, is going to wait until tomorrow. Then I'm going to try and jam as much into Monday and Tuesday nights. Because my twins turn 2, on Wednesday. And this week is Spring Break. Oh, so much to do! But I'm determined, to work on my blanket! :)


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