Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crochet Along: Week 1

Welcome Back! This is Week 1, of Lola and I's Crochet Along. This week, is going to be simple. If you'd like to join, you can still let Lola or I know. You can email me, at MandersinLove (at) yahoo (dot) com. Or Lola at SweetNightingaleSing (at) gmail (dot) com.

Week 1 is going to be simple. Remember, this is just about having fun. And having others to cheer you on! Just print out this pattern. And do a little shopping. For the yarn. The pattern asks for 35 oz. And a size H crochet hook. That's it! You've got a week to get your supplies.

I have had a bit of trouble, trying to figure out who I'm making this blanket for. Do I make it for a Baby Shower that I'm going to? Or do I make it for an Easter throw, for our home? I decided to make it for a baby. And it's going to be yellow. To match a cute little nursery theme. I'm so excited! And I hope that you join in, on all the fun!


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