Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fun Cupcakes!!!

Lately, I've really been interested in baking. I'm thinking, that cold weather, has something to do with that. The weather has been uncharacteristically cold. The wind, we're used to. The cold, not so much!

The twins and I, have stayed inside. Bundled up. We only venture out, to take and pick up Lauren from school. That's it! It's so cold! But it has meant lots of cuddling time. We've done a lot of reading, movie watching, and just hanging out.

I've also done a lot more cooking. I cook every day. But I've ventured out of my comfort zone. Just a bit. Started using my slow cooker more. Opened up those cookbooks. The ones we got when Billy and I got married. And I've been baking.

I'm sure, that by now, you know I'm planning 2 birthday parties. I also have a love affair with boxed desserts. And well, I'm becoming a recipe stalker. While searching for a fun recipe, I found these cute cupcakes. :)

So fun! They remind me so much of Lauren! And I'm pretty sure, that she is going to love them. I'm thinking, maybe Lola and Lizzie can help me make them. Whatever the theme of the party is, these will be perfect! Maybe I can do a test run tonight. Because the more I look at this picture, the more I want these cupcakes!


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