Friday, February 17, 2012

New in 2012: Box Play for Kids

Not long ago, my sister-in-law and I were talking. I swear to you, Robbie is obsessed with boxes! For Christmas it's ALL he wanted to play with. Every time we get a package, he just wants the box! My SIL was telling me, that her sons are the same way.

My SIL made a wonderful discovery last year. Box Play for Kids. Have you heard about them? It's a company, that sells stickers. Not just any stickers. But stickers to put on boxes, egg cartons, milk cartons, and toilet paper rolls. Which turn the boxes into new toys! Yes, they are adorable! And guess what, my SIL sent my kiddos a bunch! This is what we got to try out this week! Just look at what we got. :)

Remember, they were mostly for Robbie. My boy. So this tractor was just perfect! And only $5. It's made for hours, and hours of good playtime!

How about a cow? Around our family, this is the best $8 you could spend! We're all about farm animals!

Let's play doctor. This eye chart is too cute! And just $6. I can hear my twins, for hours, playing with this box. I'm not lying. They even hold a cup over one eye! :)

How about a $5 piano? This is one of Abby's favorites! She sings to herself, and pretends to play. She even tells Billy, that she's practicing to be in the BBs!!!

A $5 camera! This one, all 3 of my kids love! I'm kinda of wanting to order a couple more of these. Because they go around, "snapping pictures," all day long!

How about bowling? This set is only $4! And has given our family, hours of fun. We actually got 3 sets of these. And set it up, in our hallway. Literally, our kids could play for hours!

An $8 pink refrigerator. Where was this, when we were buying stuff for Lauren's Little Pink Playhouse? Could have saved us some serious money!

How about a Bento Box for pretend play? This one is $6. And I see Lauren and Abby "feeding" their babies for hours and hours. So cute!

I'm not going to lie, after my SIL told me about this website, I went to peak around. I bookmarked it. And said I was going to order a few things. That was before the holidays. And just the other day, I was thinking about this website. And I figured that I'd order some stuff, for Easter.

But after we got our gifts, I went back to the website. I'm telling you, my kids are in LOVE with these stickers! And guess what I found? Some free Valentine's! Immediately, I downloaded the file. This was one of the gifts we gave our kids. :) Filled with lots of goodies. I also made some, for our friends' kiddos!

Who in the world, would have thought, my kids would LOVE these so much! I'll never look at a toilet paper roll the same way again. Never! Are there any fun toys or crafts, that you've found. Or think we should take a look at. Please let me know!


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