Friday, February 10, 2012

New in 2012: Sew Baby

I had a few things, that I tried out this week. Interesting things. One that I will blog about tomorrow. One that I plan on repeating, very soon! Just thinking about it, makes me hungry!

But this week, the one big thing that I did was...ordering from Sew Baby. I've wanted to get my sewing machine out. And actually make something, for my kids. With their birthdays and Easter, just around the corner, I thought I could attempt one project, for each of them. :) I might be a little over my head. But I could always save them for Christmas 2012.

What did I get? Well, first of to Sew Baby! They have the cutest patterns. Things that I've never seen before. So I ordered 1 pattern, for each of my kids. These are the ones I got...

Abby is so into her dolls right now. Dollhouses are like gold to her! I've been looking for a cute one, for her birthday. Nothing has really caught my eye. Until now. I ordered Little Red's House for Abby.

My boy really enjoys his animals. Walks around telling us what sounds they make. He runs out with Billy, just to say Hi! to our animals. It's so cute! When I found Animals of Hollyhock Farm, I knew it was perfect for Robbie! But it seems a little complicated for me. Maybe I'm just afraid of small things...

And my big girl, she is so in love with dress up, and pretend play. Lauren always has her eyes open. Looking for cute things, to add to her Little Pink Playhouse. I thought Sweets for My Sweet would be perfect!

Sewing still intimidates me. My mom is amazing at it! Lola just makes up her own patterns. And Lizzie's creations are AMAZING! Me? Well, I try. I can hem, do simple mending, and well that's about it. So this is a pretty big deal for me. I'm hoping, to at least have these 3 projects done, by the summer. At the latest! It's all about the little steps. :)


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