Sunday, February 26, 2012

For the LOVE of Wisteria

I've ALWAYS liked wisteria. Since I was a little girl. :) Just loved the way it looked. Draped over a fence. Last Spring, I had every intention, of buying 3 bushes. But, at the end of Summer, I realized that I hadn't! :(

Over the Winter, I was talking to my friend Cari about this. And she told me, that this Spring, she'd give me some. Oh, Cari's yard is beautiful! I wish that she'd post some pictures of it, on her blog. She doesn't just have a "green finger," she has an entire "green hand!"

It's ALMOST Spring. And it's starting to warm up around here. I honestly, can't wait! Is it crazy, that I've been counting down the days, until I get my wisteria? I just have such high hopes for it. To grow outside our "reading room." At least that's what my kiddos, call our living room! Or even up the trellis, outside our bedroom. Hurry up Spring! We're all excited for you!


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