Friday, February 24, 2012

New in 2012: Sewing Curtains

I know. Another post about sewing. But I'm so excited about this project! Technically, I order this fabric, late last week. But it just came in. Yesterday evening. I was so excited! You see, Billy and Lauren are working on a project. They're repainting her Little Pink Playhouse. :)

It's going to be pink with white trim. But the little shutters and doors, are going to be red! So fun! And I thought, with a new paint job, Lauren's Little Pink Playhouse, could use some new curtains. Maybe a few pillows, and a little blanket. :) So I got started, last night, after the kids went to bed. Just look at this fabric!

Now let me start off with this. I sew. A little. Very little! I've made a few simple blankets for my kids, my nephew, and some of my friend's kids. Nothing fancy. I've worked on some other simple projects. And I've started these projects. Do you remember them?

Well, I started with measurements. I figured it was a great place to start. Then, I sat and stared at my fabric for a long time. It was expensive! And I didn't want to mess up. (On a side note, I want to order some more fabric. It's expensive. But Mwendas has such cute prints!) A few late night calls to Lola, and my mom, got me through the bumps. I didn't want plain curtains. I wanted something with a little style. A little fun. And these 2 ladies had the perfect ideas to add.

A few minutes ago, I pretty much finished the curtains, and I pinned the pillows and blanket. I still need to add a little trim. I'm actually stuck between 2 different trims. I had hoped to have them done, by the time I had to go pick up Lauren from school. But I just couldn't decide on a trim. So I'll wait until I pick her up, and let her decide. This was such a fun and easy project! I'm not so afraid of my sewing machine now. :)


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