Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remembering Those Days...

Have you ever read Sarah's blog? It's one of my favorites. I've been reading it for a while now. And I've blogged about Sarah before. She is expecting her first baby, baby Jane. Any day, Sarah's sweet girl, will be here. But when I saw this picture, it got me thinking...

I was thinking about that time, right before Lauren was born. I was super excited! I knew that I was having a little girl. And I would dream about her. Dream about all the fun we'd have. The time we'd spend together. All the cuddling we'd do.

At the same time, I was miserable. Everything hurt. I was beyond uncomfortable. I wanted to have my baby. I wanted to feel normal again. To see my feet. I was getting anxious. I started to think, about all the things I didn't know. How in the world, was I going to get through this...

Those last few days, were the hardest. I didn't know what to expect. I was feeling horrible. I was silently, having these meltdowns in my head. I was somewhere between being pregnant, and being a real mommy. I'd felt like a mom, since the day I found out I was pregnant. But I really hadn't experienced everything that the label meant. Not yet.

I've been thinking about Sarah a lot. Praying for her. I don't know her. I've posted a comment here and there. Sent her a handful of emails. But I really don't know her, beyond her blog. But being a mommy, just makes you want to support, the newest members, into our little club.

It's funny. Those last few days, before my baby was born, seemed like forever. But there's something about them, that I'd like to experience again. Something that was so magical. Unknown. And peaceful. I hope that Sarah, can find some of that same peace too!


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