Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick and Easy!

Do you remember when I blogged about Whoopie Pies? Yes, they are a favorite of my family! But I've never made them. Never attempted them. Because, when my mother-in-law makes them, it looks so complicated!

Until now. My sister came to visit us. Actually, she made the trip, to pick up some Valentine's Day presents. Since it was her day off, I convinced her to stay over. You know, we needed some sister time. :)

Lizzie came, with bags of stuff. Bags! She was putting together her hubby's present. My kiddos were so excited! I know that my sister only lives 90 minutes away, but we don't get to see each other, as often as we'd like. Bummer!

Monday was definitely a nice surprise! My kids got some early Valentine's Day presents. There was lots of yummy food, good movies, and lots of laughs. Did I mention that Lizzie is hilarious? 'Cause she is! But guess what else...she brought this with her!

Yes, we made them almost immediately! They were super easy and quick. When did Pillsbury start making these kits? Because they are lifesavers! We tweeked it a bit. Because we felt like strawberry frosting. And Lauren wanted to try some other sprinkles.

I keep thinking about these. The kit made 12 whoopie pies. They were gone by the end of the night. And I want to make more! Um, Lizzie what are you doing this week? This should become a monthly thing, that we do. :)


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