Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun Dessert!

Do you remember me blogging about Shay? She has this amazing cooking blog! Yum! Well, I was catching up on my blog reading, and I came across this picture.

Conversation Cakes! What a great idea. Now I know, what special surprise, I'm making for my kiddos. On Valentine's Day. I know, they just love them! Now I need to decide, what color to dye them. :)



Mix and Match Mama said...

Hi!! I'm so glad you left me a comment today :)! Thank you so much for supporting both of my blogs. I'm quite honored. I can't wait to start keeping up with your blog. Have a great day! Shay

Manders said...

Thank you Shay! That means a lot to me. I really enjoy both of your blogs. And thanks for sharing all your great recipes! :)