Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Splash of Summer Color

Do you remember, when I was blogging about my new nail polish? Well, I've slowly been making my way, through all 12 colors. :) And guess what. I have a new favorite! Meet Cherry, Cherry Bang, Bang!

This is definitely, my new favorite nail polish. Partially, because I want it to be warm again. I want to wear my Spring dresses. To see the flowers blooming. And I miss the warm weather.

There is something about Cherry, Cherry Bang, Bang! that just reminds me, of long summer days. Like all my other Sally Hansen nail polishes, the formula is amazing! 2 coats make for a strong and opaque color. That lasts for at least a week!

The color is a nice magenta. With a hint of fuchsia. It's not too bright. Nothing like a neon. Just a fun, summery color. I like this color so much, that I want to find a dress in this color too! What are your favorite colors for Spring and Summer?


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