Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I recently got this beautiful e-mail. From Lola. Very inspiring. Thanking many of her friends. She's had a tough battle. I know, personally, that it has meant a lot to her. That her friends have stuck behind her. Honestly, I couldn't imagine, not being here for her. Lola not only has a heart of pure gold. But she is the glue, that holds us all together!

Her words definitely choked me up. In fact, Billy cried as well. It was so touching. It's things like this, that make you realize, just how important friends are. Touching things like this, also let you know, what kind of friends you have.

I have to say this much, we have AMAZING friends. Friends that come together, when times get tough. I've never seen people, rally together, the way our friends do. Plain and simple. God has really blessed us.

Along those lines, Lola included this picture. That just made me think. If you never chase after your dreams, they'll never come true. If you never fight, the fight, you'll always lose the battle. And it got me thinking about her situation.

Life has not been kind. She's fought the battle with cancer. Never wavered. Never given up. Bumps along the way, have happened. In fact, literal road blocks. But she's always pushed forward. Looked for a different way, when something didn't work. What an inspiration!

It means a lot, to be Lola's friend. To watch her fight, the fight. To watch her, be the strong woman, that she is. To continue to grow. And be this loving woman. To all that she meets. It makes me realize, that I have so much room, for personal growth. A place where God can share his grace, with me.

Recently, I've just struggled with life. But I know that I'm lucky. I have an AMAZING husband. 3 beautiful and healthy children. We have a home, food, faith, love, and our health. We are lucky. But I know, that my work with God, is not over. I must pray more. Find more time to reflect. And ask God, to share his grace, with me. I know, that he sent us Lola, to teach us these precious gifts. I know that!


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