Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Night for 2!

That last few days, have been so up and down for me. I'm sure by now, you've read my blog post from the other day. When I was just lost. I've taken the last few days, to just breathe. And get back on the road, to being me. :)

It's funny. The day after I wrote this post, I read this post. And it just got me thinking, I need to get back to me. To being Amanda. I don't know how Sals does it with 5 kiddos. Or how my sister-in-law is handling 5 kiddos, with #6 on the way.

Billy and I decided that we needed a date night. Desperately! I called up my parents. Who were more than excited, to come watch our kiddos. Thanks again mom and dad! We had already bought tickets to the Brad Paisley concert. But we hadn't planned on making it, an entire night out. Initially, we were just going to the concert. But our plans changed. And we decided on a Romantic Night for 2!

That's just what we did. Planned an entire night out. Dinner at our favorite restaurant. Where I didn't care how many calories I ate! We completely indulged. Dessert and all! And off we went. Let me tell you, I COMPLETELY enjoyed the concert! I don't know if I was more excited to see Brad Paisley, or The Band Perry. Both were AMAZING!!!

We'd never seen The Band Perry perform live before. I was hoping it was going to be good. They're one of my favorite bands! And honestly, the reason we were going to this concert. When The Band Perry performed...I LOVED IT! This was the first time, that I've seen them live. And I want to see them again. :) They were that good! I just love Kimberly's hair! It's so fun! And let me tell you, I've had all these emotions going on this week. Well, during The Band Perry's show, I sang, danced, cried, and laughed! It really was a good show!

We've seen Brad Paisley in concert a few times now. I'm positive, that he just gets better with every show! We had a blast! Singing and dancing to our favorite songs. It didn't hurt, that we got to enjoy the concert, with some of our closest friends. :)

Scotty McCreery performed too. He was good. But not the reason we were there. I guess I'm just neutral when I talk about him. Mainly, because I've only heard 1 of his songs, prior to the concert. But I bet he turns into a big star. He's just got the making of one.
Date night, was just what Billy and I needed. We even ended up, staying at our favorite B&B. My parents were so incredibly generous. And stayed with our kiddos late, today. It was the perfect way, for me to start recharging my batteries.

Billy and I, agreed, we need to do this for both of us. And a lot more often. It will make us a happier, and ultimately, more loving couple. And in return, better parents to our kids. Even better role models. It's amazing how a little dressing up, dinner for 2, and a concert, can make you feel like your old self again!


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